Hood Vibes pub at Yishun HDB void deck draws complaints of noise & patrons smoking outside

HDB is investigating into a potential breach of licensing conditions.

Ashley Tan | August 18, 2023, 01:39 PM

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A newly-opened pub at the void deck of a HDB in Yishun has apparently drawn complaints from residents and caught the attention of a Member of Parliament (MP).

Hood Vibes is located at 468A Yishun Street 43.

It seems that the pub started operating around a month ago, according to when their business hours were last updated on Google.

Photo from Hood Vibes / Google Maps

Photo from Hood Vibes / Google Maps

In a Aug. 15 Facebook post, PAP MP of Nee Soon GRC Derrick Goh spotlighted the pub for potentially breaching its licensing conditions.

Goh had "heard rumblings" that a pub had opened at the Meadow Spring estate.

"I did not believe that such a licence would be granted and hence decided to personally check this out," he said.

He shared that he was "surprised" to see that a pub had indeed been set up at the void deck, selling beer and hard liquor.

"...And there were patrons most of whom I did not recognise as Nee Soon Link residents," he noted.

There, he spoke to the two operators of the business, Praveen and Vinod.

Photo from Derrick Goh / FB

Photo from Derrick Goh / FB

Goh shared that he was accompanied by officers from the Housing Development Board (HDB), who informed him that a café license had been granted to the business, and who "were also surprised to see what was clearly a liquor joint".

HDB told Goh that they are investigating into the potential breach of licensing conditions.

Mothership has reached out to HDB for more information.

Residents complain of noise and smoking

Goh assured residents in his post that HDB is looking into the matter, and highlighted that the agency "will do its part to prevent dis-amenities, and mitigate disturbance to the peace and safety of our neighbourhood".

A resident of 469A Yishun Street 43, a neighbouring block from the pub, spoke to Mothership under condition of anonymity.

She is part of a WhatsApp group chat which includes residents of the area, and shared that there have been complaints of pub patrons smoking outside the place and creating noise.

Some have also said that apparently, the music from the pub is quite loud.

Since the pub opened, residents with children also "have to walk a longer route away from the area" when heading to or leaving their home to avoid the patrons smoking there.

The resident shared that the pub was still operating as of Aug. 16.

Mothership has reached out to Hood Vibes for comment.

Top photo from Derrick Goh / FB and Hood Vibes / Google Maps