Taxi driver & PMA rider trade blows at HDB car park using fists & mop handle

It was one-sided.

Belmont Lay | August 02, 2023, 04:17 AM



Two men, believed to be a taxi driver and a personal mobility aid user, were caught on video exchanging blows in the car park of an HDB estate.

According to the caption of the video, the incident took place on Aug. 1.

Although not revealed in the post or video, based on the colour and make of the HDB blocks, it is believed the car park is located at Hougang Avenue 5.

What happened before fight

The fight appeared to have been recorded by residents of one of the blocks of flats overlooking the car park.

The voices off-camera, which provided the running commentary, could be heard explaining what sparked the altercation in the first place before the two men started teeing off with each other.

Apparently, as the explanation went, the taxi was reversing and the PMA got in the way.

The blue taxi was seen parked awkwardly as if it had stopped halfway while reversing into a lot.

A PMA was seen on its right-hand side on the road.

Went to get mop

Prior to the physical altercation, a commotion involving shouting in dialect, could be heard.

It was not clear what was said, but it appeared that the driver was shouting at the PMA rider, dressed in a checkered shirt and seen walking with a limp, to return to the scene to settle the matter face-to-face.

This was after the PMA rider had walked off towards the bottom of the block of flats, only to reappear with a mop in one hand to confront the driver.

Fight proper

One man, who appeared to be a passerby, tried to intervene to stop the PMA rider holding the mop by its handle, but the aggressor kept advancing.

Pushing the passerby aside, the PMA rider used the mop to hit the driver, who blocked the blow with his left arm.

At this point, three other men who appeared to be passers-by, stepped aside and watched the physical altercation unfold, as if to allow the two men to let off steam.


The PMA rider managed to get three blows in before the driver counterpunched and returned fire with a clean right -- precision over power, prediction over intuition -- that sent the PMA rider to the ground sprawling.

The driver then went into offensive mode and launched a series of top-to-bottom blows in a modified ground-and-pound, while in standing position.

The driver got in about eight blows consecutively.

Wrest mop away

The driver then changed gears and went for a front mount and took the tussle to the ground.

The driver's ground game was apparent, as he attempted to wrest the mop handle out of the hands of the PMA rider, who did not give up easily and knocked the driver off his feet while flailing with the mop, and even managed a headlock to close the distance.

However, the driver regained his dominant position by getting back on his feet and landed two more clean shots to the PMA rider before winning control of the mop, and smacking the stick twice on head of the PMA rider -- the first a grazing blow, while the second landed cleanly.

The last blow with the stick sent the PMA rider on his back momentarily -- but he got up to his feet, ready to restart the bout in standing position.

But a woman and a man in a blue singlet stepped in to stop the fight at this point.

As both brawlers got back up to their feet, the woman and the man in the singlet managed to separate both parties and get in their way.

Two more men then stepped in to break up the proceedings.


Many who commented in reaction to the video slammed both men for fighting in public.

While some said it was noteworthy that both parties were allowed to have a go at each other for an extended period of time -- about 30 seconds in total -- others said the bystanders should have stepped in the moment the altercation became a one-sided affair early on.

Other commenters praised the off-camera running commentary throughout that provided levity to the proceedings.

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