S'pore grandpa, 92, becomes model, does 'Peaky Blinders' shoot, grandson takes photos

Too cool.

Belmont Lay | August 09, 2023, 09:19 PM



It's 2023, and grandpas ought to have fun too.

That's exactly what one grandfather in Singapore did when he got to do some modelling — with the help of his grandson, Ho Song Thye, 25, who is a photographer.

Snippets of the shoot and the final product were shared on TikTok on Aug 7.

@jives_shoots Show my grandpa some love! Modelling even at the age of 92 💪🏻 #fyp #fypシ #sgtiktok #grandpa #photography #love #family ♬ original sound - Aidenandrade

'Peaky Blinders' concept

According to Ho, his grandfather is tech-savvy and knows how to navigate TikTok and watches his grandson's photography shoots on the platform.

One day, while talking about Ho's account, @jives_shoots, it was suggested that the nonagenarian could pose for photos too.

Since Ho was also taking part in a photography competition at that time, he thought it would make sense to put something together featuring his grandfather.

It wasn't that hard landing on a concept.

As Ho's grandpa watches snippets of the "Peaky Blinders" series on YouTube, after a relative recommended it to him, he was enamoured by the style of dressing of the characters.

via Netflix

Ho said his grandpa told him "the dressing of the Shelby family was very cool".

A "Peaky Blinders" themed photoshoot it was then.

The photoshoot was also a way to carve out some quality family time.

Ho said: "One of the key inspirations was also that my grandfather often found himself quite bored after my grandmother passed away. As a family, we wanted to involve him more in the hobbies we do."

via Ho Song Thye

via Ho Song Thye

The shoot

Slapping the whole thing together was not that difficult, according to Ho, but some prep work was necessary.

Considering Ho's grandpa's age, the photoshoot was planned to take place in the morning when it was not too warm, and the places they scouted beforehand had to have good air flow.

Another bit to make conditions as comfortable as possible was to bring along a portable fan and chair for grandpa to rest.

Ho said the clothes featured were mainly what his family already owns and borrowed from relatives, while some items were bought off e-commerce site Taobao.

"Most of the shoots took less than 20 minutes as we had the rough concept in mind and took the shots quickly so he could take a rest," Ho said.

All photos via Ho Song Thye/ @jives_shoots