Short-duration showers expected in S'pore in 1st half of Aug. 2023, 35°C days & 29°C nights possible

I do recall now, the smell of the rain.

Winnie Li | August 01, 2023, 06:14 PM

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If you have been missing the rain, we have some good news to share.

Localised short-duration thundery showers are forecast over parts of Singapore in the late morning and afternoon on some days during the first half of August 2023, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore in an Aug. 1 press release.

On a few of these days, the thundery showers may be widespread and intense when there is large-scale convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding region.

Widespread thundery showers with gusty winds due to Sumatra squalls may also occur between the pre-dawn hours and morning on one or two days.

The presence of a dry air mass over Singapore and the surrounding region may bring relatively fair and warm weather to the island on a few days.

Overall, the rainfall for the first fortnight of August 2023 is likely to be slightly below average over most parts of the little red dot.

35°C days & 29°C nights possible

Warm conditions with daily maximum temperatures of around 34°C are expected on most days in the first two weeks of August 2023.

On a few days, the daily maximum temperature could reach a high of around 35°C.

Warm and humid conditions are also expected on some nights in the coming fortnight.

Warm nights typically occur when the prevailing winds blow from the southeast, bringing warm, humid air from the sea over the land.

On those nights, the temperature may stay above 29°C, particularly over the southern and eastern coastal areas of the island.

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