Couple, in semi-state of undress in car, chased out by 3 men & carjacked

Unhappy ending.

Julia Yee | August 24, 2023, 04:37 PM



A couple had their late night romp unpleasantly interrupted by three bandits.

The incident was originally reported to have occurred in Brazil, but recent articles about the incident claimed it happened in Malaysia.

Commenters online claimed to have identified the location as Parit Buntar, Perak, according to China Press.

However, a September 2022 article reported that the incident took place in Brazilian city.

Lovers ambushed

Footage from a street camera showed a white car parked by the side of the road during what appeared to be the wee hours of the morning.

All of a sudden, two men emerged, striding with purpose towards the car, with a third person soon following close behind.

Surrounding the vehicle on both sides, the men could be seen trying to pry open the car doors with force.

Image via China Press.

Pulled out of car

After making the people inside unlock the doors, two of the men climbed into the front seat, leaving their accomplice to drag out the vehicle's occupants from the backseat.

The man hauled out two figures — a man and a woman — who appeared to be half-dressed.

Gif via China Press.

The couple, most likely caught in the middle of a tryst, stumbled out stunned, dishevelled, and clutching stray articles of their clothing.

One of the robbers was at least nice enough to fling out the remainder of their clothes.

He then took the lovers' spot in the backseat, before the car drove off into the night and left the couple standing with nothing but the clothes on their back and those not yet shed by them.

Image via China Press.

Left vulnerable to the elements, the couple soon recovered and began dressing themselves again.

Top images via China Press