Xixi Lim slams JB massage parlour after 'uncomfortable experience' where staff stared & laughed at her

"I really hope no-one else has to go through this," she posted in her Instagram stories.

Ilyda Chua | July 29, 2023, 12:42 PM

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Local actress XiXi Lim recently took to Instagram to share her "uncomfortable" experience at a massage parlour at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

According to Lim, the staff apparently "judged" her and laughed at her while she was relaxing at the lounge after her massage.

Staff laughed at her

The incident took place at Thong Thai Traditional Thai Massage, which has an outlet located at Ksl City.

"I just wanna say, I'm super angry with their staff here," Lim said, before launching into her account of events.

She had been relaxing at the lounge after her massage when a group of masseuses gathered at the corner and began to "judge [her] and laugh at [her], for some reason".

"I have two eyes, one nose, one mouth. Why do you have to judge me?" she said.

Photo from Lim Xixi/Instagram

She added that she felt "super uncomfortable", and emphasised that she was not being oversensitive.

"It's so obvious and uncomfortable to the extent that I tried to ignore [it].

But every single time I look up, they will call more of their friends, more of their masseuse, to come out and look at me, then they will laugh, then they will say something, then they will look at me again."

She added that it was particularly off-putting considering the fact that she did not understand what the staff were saying.

Lim also shared that when she finally got up to leave — "the moment I walked out, they burst into laughter. Burst into laughter."

"What the hell?" she said.

"Just leave me alone lah. I'm just trying to live my life and do my own thing.

Why do y'all always need to come and kacau (bother) me and give me that kind of uncomfortable stare?"

Photo from Lim Xixi/Instagram

Dealing with fat-shaming

This isn't the first time Lim has spoken up about being fat-shamed.

In June 2022, she posted about her response to an online user who repeatedly sent her derogatory remarks.

She had also previously written and performed a song parodying Jay Chou's "Now You See Me", about her experiences being fat-shamed.

"When you see me, can you just let me be? / Stop the staring 'cos it makes me uneasy," she had sung.

Photos from Lim Xixi/Instagram