S'porean in baju Melayu performs traditional Malay dance in Times Square


Keyla Supharta | July 11, 2023, 05:45 PM

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Bright neon lights emitting from billboard advertisements illuminate New York's Times Square.

Hundreds of people lingered on the street, a testament to one of the world's most famous commercial intersections.

It was in this space that one Singaporean dancer decided to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha -- by dancing a traditional Zapin Gemersik Ombak dance in a baju Melayu.

"Life is as festive as you make it"

The public performance was uploaded online by the Singaporean dancer who goes by @hafizoid on Instagram.

"Celebrating Aidiladha with Malay dance in Times Square cause why not! Life is as festive as you make it," he wrote in a caption.

Onlookers watched from the sideline as Hafiz performed the traditional dance in the middle of Times Square.

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A post shared by Md Al-Hafiz Hosni (@hafizoid)

And while the video showed Hafiz boldly showcasing a spectacular performance in the public space, he admitted in the caption that he would be too shy to dance in public without his cameraman.


Many commenters were in awe after watching the video.

Some also praised Hafiz for representing his culture with the traditional dance.

Top image via @hafizoid/Instagram.