New Taiwanese pastry shop in Bugis Junction giving away 600 cream puffs from Jul. 15-17, 2023

Free food.

Fasiha Nazren | July 15, 2023, 11:53 AM

A new bakery just opened at Bugis Junction on Saturday, Jul. 14.

Shinfuni is an artisanal bakery that specialises in modern Taiwanese pastries.

Here's a look at some of their offerings:

Shinfuni Signature Hokkaido Cream Apple Pie (S$3.80)

Chocolate Crispy Cream Puff (S$2.40)

Golden Horn Croissant (S$2.20)

French Brulee Bun (S$2.60)

Giving away cream puf

As part of its grand opening, the bakery is giving away 200 Chocolate Crispy Cream Puffs per day from Jul. 15 to 17.

To redeem a free puff, one will have to go up to a staff and say "你的微笑, 我的幸福" (ni de wei xiao, wo de xing fu) and do a finger heart:

@mothership.nova Super shy when we said it… Shinfuni 📍: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St, B1-K04, S188021 ⏰: Daily, 10am to 9:30pm 🎉: 200 free Chocolate Crispy Cream Puffs daily from Jul. 15 to Jul. 17, 2023 📢: Redeem by saying "你的微笑, 我的幸福" (ni de wei xiao, wo de xing fu) & doing a ✨ finger heart ✨ #foodfestontiktok #thingstoeat #shinfuni #creampuff #sgfoodie ♬ Super Shy - NewJeans


Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street #B1-K04 Singapore 188021

Opening hours: 10am to 9:30pm, daily

Top image by Lee Wei Lin and Shinfuni.