17-year-old Scottish Fold cat from Hong Kong called Ar Fu abandoned in backpack at S'pore void deck

The cat is now in the home of a fosterer.

Ashley Tan | July 06, 2023, 02:39 PM

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Cat rescuers in Singapore recently took an abandoned male Scottish Fold cat into their care.

Angeline Teo, a volunteer with Project LUNI, a local non-profit focused on rehoming and caring for street cats, told Mothership that the cat had been abandoned at a void deck.

He had apparently been left at the void deck in a pet backpack, along with his medical card and vaccination records.

The man who found him subsequently handed the cat, in his backpack, over to Project LUNI's cat lounge in Little India, an area where rescued cats are available for adoption.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo 

Cat has several health problems

The cat's documents showed that his owner was from Hong Kong, and he was born there in October 2006.

The clinic he visited was located at Sha Tsiu Road, and his name was Ar Fu.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

After his abandonment, Ar Fu was brought to a veterinarian by Project LUNI volunteers.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that he had several health issues such as heart failure, anaemia, ear infection, possible kidney issues, and due to his age, arthritis.

Due to his condition, Ar Fu is currently on medication three times a day.

"Unfortunately, [the cat] has had to be rushed to vet multiple times recently due the build-up of fluid [in his lungs]. His most recent episode was last weekend. While the medication dosage has increased, there is no cure for heart failure," said Teo.

Thus far, Project LUNI has been funding the medical bills, and have started a fundraiser to help defray the costs.

Not yet put up for adoption

Teo added that the cat, which the rescuers have since named Levi, is now in the hands of a loving fosterer.

However, as a senior cat, Ar Fu will likely require more visits to the vet, especially in light of his heart condition.

"But we are trying our best to give him the absolute best couple of months possible," Teo shared.

Those keen to adopt Ar Fu and give him love in his final years will be screened carefully, as Project LUNI wants to ensure that his adopter is able to provide him with the care he needs until the end, and is able to afford the medical costs.

At the moment, Ar Fu has not been put up for adoption.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Pets are a commitment

Project LUNI rehomed 292 cats in 2022, and sterilised 182.

Teo herself has fostered over 15 kittens in the last three years.

"It is extremely distressing that someone would bring a cat from Hong Kong to Singapore and abandon him after 17 years!" Teo lamented.

Pets are a lifelong commitment and should not be adopted or bought on an impulse. Instead, careful consideration and research should be conducted before getting a pet.

Pet owners are urged to be responsible and rehome their pets properly if they are unable to take care of them.

Owners who wish to seek advice on rehoming can visit SPCA's website here.

Top photo courtesy of Angeline Teo