Man in M'sia chased motorists with a parang to petrol station after they apparently honked at him

The 35-year-old man claimed he was grabbed by the other driver before he took out the parang.

Keyla Supharta | July 11, 2023, 02:44 PM

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A 35-year-old lorry driver in Malaysia was remanded to assist with police investigations after a video of him allegedly threatening motorists with a parang at a petrol station in Kedah, Malaysia, went viral on social media.

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed 1.2 million times on Twitter.

What happened

According to Berita Harianthe incident occurred on Jul. 1 at 7.40pm.

The lorry driver was allegedly angered after being reprimanded for using his phone while driving.

"Because [we] honked at him for using his phone while coming out of a junction, he chased us to the petrol station and took out a samurai [sword]," a caption in the video said.

The video supposedly showed the 35-year-old man shouting while pointing a parang, presumably towards the driver who honked at him.

Several motorists at the petrol station could be seen attempting to calm the man down while separating him from the other driver.


Kuda Muda District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Zaidy Che Hassan said that he and his team launched an investigation shortly after the video started circulating on social media.

Police investigation found that on the day of the incident at 6:15pm, a disagreement ensued between a man driving a Ford Ranger and the 35-year-old lorry driver as the latter was driving the lorry out of the Bukit Kobah Stop, Pendang.

"It started when the Ford Ranger driver honked at the lorry driver, causing a disagreement between them which continued [all the way] to the location of the incident," Zaidy said.

The lorry driver claimed that he was grabbed by the Ford Ranger driver, causing him to take out a sword that was kept in his lorry.

The lorry driver later made a police report at the Gurun Police Station. He was remanded on the same day.

Efforts to identify and locate the Ford Ranger driver are ongoing.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code, Section 6(1) of the Corrosive Explosives and Dangerous Weapons Act (KBLLSB) 1958 and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (AKMM) 1998.

Top image via @mynewshub/Twitter.