Indulge in food & activities from around the world onboard Genting Dream from Jul. 12 to Aug. 30, 2023

Feast for the tummy, eyes, heart and soul.

Belmont Lay | | Sponsored | July 11, 2023, 01:05 PM

If you think that going on a cruise trip is all about spending time walking around in an enclosed area for a couple of days, well, you are half right.

Because the other half of that experience is about pampering yourself silly by indulging in all the services, events, shows, and facilities that the ship has to offer.

If this is something that floats your boat (pun intended), you'll be glad to know that Resorts World Cruises has plenty of treats up their sleeve in celebration of their one-year anniversary.

On Jun. 15, 2022, Resorts World Cruises made their debut as a newly established luxury and lifestyle cruise brand in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang) with the operation of its luxurious 3,352-passenger Genting Dream.

Since then, thousands have gotten to experience its exciting and unique offerings, along with a variety of accommodations for friends, couples, and families.

Among the top-rated and highly recommended experiences are the 6-Slides Waterpark, for those who enjoy the effects of gravity and getting drenched;

Zouk Beach Club, for those into foam parties and dancing till dawn with guest DJs;

And not to mention, Zipline & Rock Wall, for the daring bunch who like the heart-racing feeling of a ropes course and gliding above the ocean on a 35m zipline.

For more regular but exciting activities, cruise passengers can look forward to over 35 food and beverage concepts on board, as well as world-class productions.

Upcoming food-themed experience

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Genting Dream has, following its one-year anniversary, many other activities for cruise-goers.

From Jul. 12 till Aug. 30, the Savour Your Way Around The World event will see both local and global fare provided on board the ship.

A series of interactive food carts promises a gastronomic adventure open to all passengers.

Here’s what to expect.

1. Triple decker Chicken/ Vegetarian Burger (S$10)

For S$10, this is a steal.

The burger comes with juicy patties and crunchy vegetables, slathered with slices of melted cheese – in between three sesame buns.

The best part is that it is served hot and stacked so high that the whole thing has to be held down with a pair of wooden sticks.

This can easily feed a family of four in between meals.

For couples who want a full meal, it works fine as well.

2. Quintuple Pancake with Fruits Compote (S$8)

While out at sea, it is easy to overeat.

Adding to the gluttony is this stack of pancakes, which is easily the best stack of pancakes you can get on sea and land.

It comes with five pancakes and four different fruits in between, as well as a fruit compote made with strawberries and blueberries.

The tangy and refreshing fruit compote complements the fluffy pancakes to a tee.

The banana, peach, blueberry and strawberry fillings also give the whole thing a decadence that goes beyond S$8.

3. Chicken Tikka Skewers with Mint Chutney (S$8)

Time spent under the sun and over the sea can always be made better with some grilled meats.

Which is why these chicken tikka skewers hit the spot.

Well-seasoned and tasty, the skewers are both low in carbs and make for a great snack.

4. Lobster Ball Skewer with Japanese Curry Sauce (S$6)

Lobster ball skewers are the ultimate comfort food because squid balls and fish balls are too mainstream.

As a side, two skewers might not be enough.

But at least you can save space for other foods.

5. One Foot Long Sausage Chili Con Carne with Melted Cheese Sauce (S$10)

There is nothing like a good hotdog when you want something quick and savoury.

And certainly, nothing better than one that is a foot long.

The chilli, which is an addictive mix of sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy, makes for an explosion of flavours in the mouth.

6. Flattened Chicken Schnitzel with Cajun Dip (S$10)

The breaded, fried bits are to die for while the chicken is succulent and tasty.

Along with the cajun dip, this combo is bliss and easily the best dish to indulge in of the lot.

Prepared fresh and served piping hot, you might have to stop yourself from having one – or two – at a go.

7. Tower Fruit Bowl with Tzatziki Sauce & Fruits Jelly soda (S$6)

To wash down whatever you’ve eaten, there is this drink which is a refreshing mix of fresh fruits and zest.

Fresh fruits help to cleanse the palate to better prepare yourself for more food to come, making it a most value-for-money purchase for a non-alcoholic drink/ cocktail.

8. Tower Nachos/ Cheese Fries with Fruits Jelly soda (S$10)

Food? Check. Drink? Check. At the same time.

The sparkling drink is a combination of tropical refreshingness and thirst-quenching ness, complementing the savouriness of the nachos loaded with cheese and tomato bits.

Snack store with food from around the world

If you already feel spoiled for choice, you'll be glad to find out that there is even more food on offer.

Also available as part of the upcoming experience is a Snack Snack Superstore.

This pop-up supermarket will be offering exclusive confectionaries from around the world.

Passengers feeling curious or peckish about treats from other countries can head to this store to satiate their minds and tummies.

Food-themed spaces

Of course, no food-themed event can happen without food-themed spaces.

Also onboard the ship are Foodielicious Jacuzzis filled with quirky food decorations, as well as Instagrammable pool floaties, for the ultimate food party vibe.

Once your tummies are full, your cameras get to eat their fill too.

Luxury onboard

Food galore aside, Genting Dream is also home to “The Palace”, a world-class luxury accommodation with an all suite concept, which has been touted as a luxury ship-within-a ship private enclave that is the largest of its kind.

It comes with a 24-hour butler concierge service, as well as its own service exclusive restaurant, private pool, sundeck, gym, spa and other facilities.

Where to go?

Resorts World Cruises is a brand extension of “Resorts World”.

For those who are wondering where they can head to, here’s a list of options to choose from weekday to weekend getaways:

- Two-night Kuala Lumpur cruise on Wednesdays

- Two-night weekend getaway cruise to nowhere on Fridays

- Three-night Kuala Lumpur-Penang or Phuket Cruise that sets sail on Sundays

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