M’sia car seen stuck on Johor bridge meant for pedestrians & motorcycles

Please don’t try this, even if you’re rushing.

Yen Zhi Yi | July 14, 2023, 05:46 PM

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Traffic in Malaysia can be bad. However, one particular car driver appeared too eager to use a bridge meant for motorcycles and pedestrians.

In a Facebook video dated Jul. 12 shared by Facebook page Orang Kulai, a car - identified as a Toyota Vios - was seen trying to make its way up the bridge located in Senai, Johor.

The 8-second video was titled “the Taman Aman Senai Utama overpass route. Kulai folks are rarely not great,” according to a translation by World of Buzz.

It showed the car seemingly stuck at the ramp leading up to the bridge.

Clip via Facebook/Orang Kulai (@NuRulHuDa)

Some motorcyclists on the bridge were also seen looking down at the car, potentially blocked off their way down.

The clip appeared to be taken from an onlooker in a vehicle.


As of time of writing, the video had garnered more than 197,000 views and 1,200 comments.

Some netizens were amused at the car’s antics, while others inserted face-palming stickers.

One said that the car’s driver could have forgotten he was not riding a motorcycle that day.

A commenter also claimed that it was not the first time a car has attempted to use the same bridge.

Top images via Facebook/Orang Kulai (@NuRulHuDa)