2 dogs in Indonesia get married in ceremony costing almost S$18,000

They had an engagement ceremony last year.

Keyla Supharta | July 19, 2023, 07:02 PM

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Mothership Telegram bannerA dog couple in Indonesia raised eyebrows for having a lavish wedding that cost 200 million rupiah (S$17,658).

Donning Javanese dog costumes, the wedding was also blessed by someone purporting to be a religious leader.

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Javanese wedding

According to CNBC Indonesiathe two Alaskan Malamute dogs were married at a dog park in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, on Friday (Jul. 14).

Jojo and Luna were married by their owners, Valentina Chandra and Indira Ratnasari.

Image via @ballooney.id/Instagram.

The wedding procession was reportedly carried out following Javanese customs, with the two dogs donning traditional Javanese clothing specially designed for dogs.

Image via @ballooney.id/Instagram.

Every participant, invited guests, and furry friends at the wedding were also required to wear clothes with batik elements Valentina said, reported by Kompas.

Image via @ballooney.id/Instagram.

There was also Nasi Kuning with the dogs' names spelt on the dish, served at the wedding.

Nasi Kuning is often served on special occasions.

It is believed that the dish can bring many blessings of wealth and give prosperity in life.

Image via @ballooney.id/Instagram.

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Initially did not intend to hold a wedding

Initially, the two dog owners did not have plans to hold a wedding for their two pets.

Valentina told Kompas that she initially just wanted to have a birthday celebration for Jojo, but decided to turn it into a wedding celebration instead.

The two dogs previously had an engagement ceremony last May.

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Spent 200 million rupiah

The price spent on Jojo and Luna's wedding was 200 million rupiah (S$17,658).

The money was spent on costume design, make-up, lighting, and the location.

There were also goodie bags, door prizes and gifts for invited guests who attended.

"If you want to account for all the details of the wedding, including bento boxes for staff and media outlets who were present, the total amount spent is actually more than 200 million rupiah (S$17,658)," Valentina said.

Javanese culture to be known by the public

"Perhaps this is the only time a furry child in Indonesia gets married using Indonesian cultural customs. Without insulting or disrespecting Indonesian culture, we are proud," Valentina said.

"As a native Javanese, I really want [my] culture to be known by the public, maybe even [by people] abroad," she added.

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