Customer complains about S$9.80 fish soup with 4 fish slices, Sengkang stall offers refund but customer declines

The stall said the worker may have made a mistake.

Hannah Martens | July 28, 2023, 06:49 PM

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A Facebook user took to the Facebook group Complaint Singapore to share their woes over fish soup which cost them S$9.80.

The user wrote they bought a sliced grouper fish soup from King Grouper Fish Soup at the Kopitiam in Compass One. The soup cost S$9.50 with an additional S$0.30 charge as the user decided to take away the meal.

The user said the soup was for their father, who was recuperating from surgery.

However, when the user went home and opened the meal for their father, the soup only had "a miserable 3.5-4 small slices of fish in the soup".

Photo via Complaint Singapore

Photo via Complaint Singapore

"This is daylight robbery!" The user wrote.

"The standard has dropped since they started opening more and more outlets, and the fish soup is just not what it used to be. Even the outlet at Changi village is no longer good. But taste aside, charging $9.50 for four small miserable slices of fish at their Compass One outlet really leaves a lot to be desired."

Screenshot via Facebook

In comments, the user shared they reached out to the management team, who said there should have been five slices in the soup.

"That is still way too expensive, in my opinion," said the user.

Screenshot via Facebook

Many agreed the dish was too expensive and overpriced

Numerous netizens agreed in the comments that the dish was too expensive, and some shared similar experiences from the same shop.

Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

King Grouper Fish Soup offers a refund to the customer

Replying to Mothership's queries, King Grouper Fish Soup shared that they had received feedback on this incident. They immediately offered a refund to the customer and followed up by informing the outlet to take note.

"Although we can't verify the feedback, we noted that the worker might [have made] a mistake by putting in only 4 slices of fish instead of 5 slices for the red grouper fish soup which the customer ordered."

The stall said that it was their policy to give refunds to customers if they were not satisfied with the food or service.

The stall also shared that the customer declined the refund and, wanted to let them know it is "just unacceptable to be paying so much for so little".

Regarding the price of the meal, King Grouper Fish Store said that they believe their prices are similar to the market price when compared to other fish soup outlets.

Top photos via Facebook group Complaint Singapore