M'sia boy, 12, slips & impales his buttocks on house fence spike, stuck for 20 minutes before rescue

The firemen said the spike went in 15cm deep and they had to send him to the hospital with the spike attached.

Matthias Ang | June 08, 2023, 12:48 PM

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A Malaysian boy had his buttocks impaled by a spike after he slipped while climbing the metal fence of his house.

Malaysian media reported that he had to spend 20 minutes impaled on the fence before firemen arrived to rescue him.

Image via China Press

Pierced up to 15cm deep

A Selangor Fire and Rescue Department spokesperson told Malaysian media that firemen sawed off the spike from the fence and sent the boy to the hospital with the spike still attached to his buttocks.

He highlighted that the spike had pierced up to 15cm deep.

Image via China Press

A total of 10 firemen were involved in the rescue, the department's director added.

The boy's mother was reported to be not at home when the incident happened, and it was a neighbour who had spotted him stuck atop the fence.

"According to information from the victim's neighbours, he was often seen playing on the fence," the spokesman added.

Top photos via China Press