Jocelyn Chia continues to bask in publicity from MH370 joke: 'Thank you M'sia!'

She's eating it up.

Julia Yee | June 18, 2023, 01:50 PM

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Jocelyn Chia has been having a field day with the press.

Even with Malaysian police on her trail, the America-born comedian who was raised in Singapore continues to stand by her joke about MH370.

"My @netflix special is writing itself. Thank you Malaysia!" Chia tweeted in response to the news about Malaysian police requesting Interpol to help track her down.

While earning the disapproval of some Malaysian and Singaporean comedians, Chia's unapologetic attitude is further spurred by other comics.

Support from fellow comics

In a recent interview with American stand-up comedian Chrissie Mayr, Chia and the host continued to make light of the situation.

"How many people actually died on that plane?" Mayr asked.

"200-something," Chia replied.

"That's not that many," Mayr shot back as Chia burst into laughter.

Chia's recent Twitter activity has been dedicated to promoting her controversial joke.

She continued to taunt Malaysia.

"I'm on the front page of BBC now. Interviewed by @CNN@nytimes, @BBCWorld and going to be on @FoxNews this Sat. So actually Malaysia, you can keep going," tweeted Chia with a laughing-crying emoji.

Chia also uploaded the clip of her joke onto Patreon so "social media can't take it down".

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