Teletubbies are now on TikTok

Over the hills and on your FYP, Teletubbies come to play.

Julia Yee | May 31, 2023, 11:21 AM

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Someone is keeping the Teletubbies alive with a rather odd TikTok account.

After five years of delighting children and unsettling adults, the final episode of the Teletubbies TV series aired on Feb. 21, 2001.

If you're wondering what retired Teletubbies do, they become influencers.

@teletubbies on TikTok.

True to the brand, the "official TikTok of Teletubbyland" is just like the show: colourful, adorable, and a tad bit disturbing.

Tubby dances

The Teletubbies' TikTok videos are testament to their love for performance.

@teletubbies on TikTok.

@teletubbies on TikTok.

They've still got killer moves.

@teletubbies on TikTok.

Other quality content put out by the account include videos specifically curated to let you feel that "Teletubbies vibe".


@teletubbies Good vibes only in Teletubbyland ✨ #teletubbies ♬ Chichiquetere - HCTM

Tubby Toast

The account is also somewhat of a Tubby Toast fan page.

It's been 26 years and the Teletubbies are still not tired of eating bread named after themselves, as evident from such content.

@teletubbies It’s TUBBY TOAST! 😊🍞 #teletubbies ♬ It's Corn - Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

We also live in a world where we can watch Po eating Tubby Toast with Pedro Pascal for five seconds.

@teletubbies on TikTok.

The smiley-faced toast made notable appearances in Teletubbies episodes like "Feeding the Chickens", where the Tubby Toaster malfunctions and spits out Tubby Toast everywhere.

Teletubbies - WildBrain on Youtube.

You're lying if you say you haven't wondered what it tastes like.

Unfortunately, the Teletubbies TikTok refused to disclose the recipe.

Mystery account manager

The Teletubbies TikTok account has brought much laughter and nostalgia to people who grew up with the show.

Many people are dying to know the person behind Teletubbies HQ, but it looks like that's another mystery only Sun Baby will know.

For now, the only clue we have about their identity is that they like Harry Styles.

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