Shandong teen, 17, flies abroad for first time to collect ashes of father, 45, who died in S'pore traffic accident

The man moved to Singapore to earn higher wages to support his son after his wife remarried.

Ruth Chai | May 26, 2023, 11:35 AM

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A 45-year-old Chinese migrant worker died in hospital after he was knocked down by a lorry while riding a bicycle along Pioneer Road on May 15.

His 17-year-old son flew in from his hometown of Shandong, China to collect his father's ashes and bring them back.

The deceased, whose name is Liu Jie (transliterated from Chinese), worked as a lathe technician in a hydraulic engineering company, and moved to Singapore to work to support his family back in home.

Hit by a lorry and sent to hospital unconscious

The fatal accident occured at around 11am on May 15.

Liu was riding a bicycle along Kian Teck Drive when he was knocked down by the lorry.

The lorry was driven by a 25-year-old man.

Liu was conveyed unconscious to the hospital.

In a coma for a week

According to Shin Min Daily News, Liu was found to have suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and fell into a coma.

He passed away a week later in the hospital on Monday (May 22) at 11:20am.

Son rushed over to collect his ashes

Liu's only son, Liu Yinghao (transliterated from Chinese) rushed to Singapore after receiving the bad news.

Accompanied by his cousin, the younger Liu needed to arrange his father's funeral and collect his ashes.

"This is the first time I've travelled abroad. I did not expect to be to bring my father's ashes back to China," he told Shin Min.

The younger Liu also said that he had lived with his father since his mother remarried, and that he last saw his father at the beginning of the month.

The son remained in China to attend school after his father left the country to work.

He also said that the sudden nature of the accident was devastating, and that he was not ready to endure such a loss.

Wanted to save money for son

The elder Liu worked hard to support his son, and hence came to Singapore to earn higher wages to provide his son a better life.

He aimed to make enough money for his son to buy a house, and have enough money to pay for a wedding and dowry.

The son described his father as an honest, sincere and hardworking person, and said that his father had worked hard to support him and pay for his education.

The elder Liu's parents were also notified of his passing, and were shocked and unable to accept the news for a while.

Recently returned to Singapore to take up a new job

The late Liu had worked in Singapore for 10 years, leaving his five-year-old son in Shandong.

He returned to his hometown in 2021 to start a business.

For two years, he waited for his business to flourish, but it never took off.

He then returned to Singapore to take up a new job.

The accident happened within a month of his return.

Case currently under investigation

The 25-year-old lorry driver is assisting in investigations.

The company that the late Liu worked for is assisting his family in funeral matters to help them tide through the difficult time.

The younger Liu told Shin Min that he was grateful for the hospital staff and his father's colleagues for their help.

Top photo via Shin Min