Mother Nature back at it again with iridescent sun & clouds at Seletar

Thank you, sky.

Julia Yee | May 25, 2023, 05:40 PM

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Our concrete jungle isn't known for its natural landscape as much as its man-made one.

But every now and then, nature does things to remind us of the hidden beauty that can be found on our island.

Like turning the sky into an art canvas.


This morning, the clouds at Seletar greeted early risers with an unusual display.

Facebook user Andrew Teo shared a series of breathtaking photos in a local cloud spotting group.

Photo from Andrew Teo on Facebook.

The photos, shot on Teo's iPhone 13, were taken around 9:45am from Seletar Aerospace Park.

It looked as though someone had used a giant paintbrush to pull a lazy streak of silver across the sky.

Teo's photos charted the slow progression of the sun as it moved behind the irregularly shaped clouds.

Photo from Andrew Teo on Facebook.

Its glow stained the clouds with a cool rainbow hue.

At one point, its fiery glare made it look like a comet hurtling down to earth.

Photo from Andrew Teo on Facebook.

After some time, the clouds broke away from their narrow formation into what looked like wisps of smoke.

Photo from Andrew Teo on Facebook.

As they continued to be backlit by the sun, an impressionistic painting took shape.

Photo from Andrew Teo on Facebook.


These clouds appear to be a species of cirrus clouds.

Latin for "tuft of hair", the name "cirrus" seems fitting for the dense white puffs photographed by Teo.

Photo from Andrew Teo on Facebook.

Cirrus clouds comprise entirely of ice crystals, and may take on many different shapes and sizes.

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