Huge-ass monitor lizard visits Bedok North HDB block, climbs up to 3rd floor

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Joshua Lee | May 24, 2023, 12:25 PM

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Residents at 428 Bedok North Road received a surprise visitor this morning (May 24) -- a huge-ass monitor lizard.

A Mothership reader, Jiten, sent in pictures of the scaly guest:

Credit: Mothership reader

Credit: Mothership reader

According to Jiten, the monitor lizard, which appears to be about 1.5 metres in length, made its way up from the ground floor.

As of 11.30am this morning, it had ascended to the third floor of the HDB block.

Jiten told Mothership that his parents are residents of the block, and they were alerted to the visitor by their neighbours who claimed that there was a "crocodile" downstairs.

Residents were shrieking and waving brooms at the animal.

Jiten observed that while the monitor lizard was largely docile and laid back, it moved surprisingly fast, especially when scaling the stairs.

He reported the animal to NParks which said that it would be sending staff down to attend to the animal.

What to do if you encounter a monitor lizard

The animal appears to be a Malayan water monitor lizard, the most common of the three species of monitor lizards found in Singapore.

Monitor lizards feed on a huge variety of food types such as insects, crabs, snakes, and fish.

While they are venomous, their venom has a relatively mild effect on humans. That being said, NParks advises medical attention in the rare event you do get bitten. While a monitor lizard's bite is not fatal to humans, it poses a risk of bacterial infection.

They are naturally shy and would rather stay away from humans. Like most wild animals, they do not attack unless provoked. NParks advises that if you encounter them in public, keep your distance and leave them alone.

Images courtesy of Jiten.