S'pore couple sends wedding invite to McDonald's, receives McNuggets bouquet

They're lovin' it.

Fasiha Nazren | May 22, 2023, 01:55 PM

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Wedding invites are usually extended to people who mean something to the bride and groom.

For one couple in Singapore, Darlyn and Agnes, McDonald's mean a whole lot to them.

The fast food restaurant holds such a dear place in their hearts, they sent a wedding invitation to McDonald's.

@only_148cm Sent @McDonald’s our wedding invitation card and looked what they surprised us with!! 👀✨ #mcdonalds #mcd #mcdsuperfans #singapore #singaporetiktok #weddingday #wedding #mcdonaldssecrets ♬ 애인만들기 - SS501

Meaningful to couple

According to the bride-to-be's Instagram page, she and her fiancé sent out wedding invitation cards to places that meant a lot to them. The fast food chain was one of the recipients.

"McDonald's is often our to-go place for breakfast/lunch/dinner/suppers 😂 so we definitely had to send them one!"

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While Agnes wasn't expecting a response, she was surprised when she received a message from McDonald's marketing team.

Screenshot from @jiaaahuix_ on Instagram.

Chicken nugget bouquet

Soon enough, she was greeted with a McNuggets bouquet, decked with chicken nuggets and packs of barbeque sauce and curry sauce.

Screenshot from @only_148cm on TikTok.

Of course, the thoughtful bouquet was well received.

Agnes said: "Thank you so much @mcdsg. We had a great time eating it!"

Top image screenshot from @jiaaahuix_ on Instagram.