Fan goes overboard groping Jackson Wang at Brazil concert

There were mixed reactions.

Julia Yee | May 20, 2023, 02:57 PM

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Jackson Wang encountered one of his bolder fans during a recent performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The singer, currently on the South American leg of his Magic Man World Tour, chose a fan to serenade onstage as part of his routine lineup.

What happened next made some in the audience deeply uncomfortable.

Getting physical during serenade

As Wang crooned along to "I Love You 3000", he found himself having to tame the raunchy actions of his chosen fan.

Making herself right at home, the woman wasted no time scooting close to Wang.

She put one arm around him and caressed his cheek with the other, drawing him into a long hug while kissing his neck.

Images via Letícia Martucci/YouTube

As a former K-pop star, Wang's no stranger to fan service, so it wasn't surprising that he handled these advances well and struck a balance between entertainment and professionalism.

He appeared to be on board with the display, playing along by patting her back.

Then, things started to get awkward.

The fan reached out to touch Wang's face again, only to have him stop her under the guise of wanting to hold her hand.

Image via Letícia Martucci/YouTube

Later, however, he initiated further contact by pulling her head down to rest on his shoulder.

Image via Letícia Martucci/YouTube

Emboldened by her idol's apparent concessions, the woman grabbed Wang's inner thigh and tried to heave it over her lap.

Laughing, Wang resisted.

Image via Letícia Martucci/YouTube

Hooking his hand under his fan's knee, he hiked her legs over his lap instead.

Image via Letícia Martucci/YouTube

Too far?

To some viewers, the only thing shocking about this onstage exchange was the fan's bravado.

On the other hand, many others deemed it to be a form of harassment.

Twitter comment

Twitter comment

Others chalked it up to cultural differences.

Top images via Letícia Martucci on YouTube and Jackson Wang's Instagram