Indonesian bride receives highly sought-after Coldplay tickets as dowry

Competition to get tickets for the concert has been fierce.

Keyla Supharta | May 23, 2023, 04:37 PM

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In Indonesia, where dowries are commonly given during weddings, one pair of newlyweds recently sealed the deal with a unique gift — Coldplay concert tickets.

The popular British band will be performing in Jakarta later this year on Nov. 15 as part of their world tour and competition to get tickets has been fierce, with many likening it to 'war'.

And now, the war spoils will rightfully be making its way as a dowry for one victorious hero.

Dowry, a set of prayer tools, and Coldplay tickets

"My sibling got married with Coldplay ticket as a dowry," Twitter user @orangdalamkamu wrote. "The wedding is supported by Chris Martin".

In the video uploaded on Twitter, the bride's father could be heard saying "I marry my daughter to you with a dowry, a set of prayer tools, and Coldplay tickets, paid in full."

The husband then replied, "I accept the marriage with the stated dowry which was paid in full".

Dowries in Indonesian weddings

In Indonesian weddings, the dowry is usually given by the groom to the bride.

Many associates dowries with a marriage bond.

While the types of dowries are usually not specified, both the bride and groom are encouraged to deliberate and agree on what should be given as a dowry.

During the marriage ceremony, the dowry will usually be read out when consent for the marriage was granted.


While many online were surprised that someone would use Coldplay concert tickets as a dowry, some acknowledged the struggle fans faced attaining them.

Image via @IDWantsColdplay/Twitter.

"[This man's] battle is cool, because the ticket war is not easy," one netizen commented.

Image via @IDWantsColdplay/Twitter.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user asked jokingly if the wedding would have been cancelled if the groom hadn't managed to get concert tickets.

Image via @IDWantsColdplay/Twitter.

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Top image via @Coldplay/Instagram and @orangdalamkamu/Twitter.