Frog mascot spotted at Paya Lebar & Bugis, dancing & saluting passersby

Hopping on to a new trend.

Ryan Yeo | May 23, 2023, 06:56 PM

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A giant frog has been dancing and mingling with onlookers at Paya Lebar and Bugis.

Videos capturing the frog's antics have been circulating on TikTok, much to the amusement of commenters.

@cherlockss made my evening haha we bumped into mr froggie after dins before sending my bro to camp #sgtiktok ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

@clarrot WE SAW THE FROG MASCOT IN SG #frogsalute #frogmascot ♬ original sound - clarrot

Earlier this month, a similar frog mascot appeared across several cities in China.

The Chinese frog mascots were actually street vendors selling baby frog toys, according to the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

It is unclear whether the Singapore frog has any ulterior motives.

Signature move

The frog's signature move is to stomp its right foot and salute. But it is proficient in other dance moves, too:

@alexzellsim #singapore #china #frogcostume #frog #funny #cute #fyp #in ♬ original sound - WHAT’S UP!

Last month, a Mixue mascot called the "Snow King" began entertaining onlookers with his antics.

The two mascots may not be connected, but they certainly bring some much-needed comic relief to Singaporeans.

A TikTok comment by user "TinkleBells" writes, "We need this Frog in SG" with three heart emojis.

Two TikTok comments. The first TikTok comment by user "chan's laptop saw skz" writes, "can't wait for the mixue and frog duel." The second comment by user "hikari" writes, "can froggie pk with mixue?"

Two TikTok comments. The first comment by user "Jacky" writes, "This damm (sic) weather not easy wearing this!" with a laughing emoji. The second comment by user "user5805208509869" writes, "Plq sure very happening (laughing emoji). Very good"

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Top photo from cherlockss, 3rachastan and alexzellsim / TikTok