Commando carries elderly woman off the road at Clementi after she fell from her bicycle

For Honour and Glory.

Hannah Martens | May 21, 2023, 06:27 PM

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A commando was spotted carrying an elderly woman off the road and onto the pavement after she fell from her bicycle on May 17, 2023.

According to an Instagram post by the Singapore Army, the commando was William Nadan, a Master Warrant Officer.

Nadan was heading out for lunch in a car when he saw the elderly woman lying at the traffic junction.

She apparently had fallen off her bicycle with a basket full of groceries. An elderly man was seen struggling to pull her away from the road.

Nadan "instinctively sprung into action and took charge of the situation," wrote the Singapore Army.

He exited the car and helped carry her out of harm's way onto the pavement, and he only left the scene after the woman was well enough to head home with her companion, said the Singapore Army.

"We applaud MWO William's efforts and thank him for being a responsible citizen."

Screenshot via Instagram

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Many Instagram users in the comments praised the Commando for his actions.

Screenshot via Instagram

Screenshot via Instagram

Top photo via Our Singapore Army/Instagram