8.5kg cat in Thailand falls 6 storeys & smashes into car window, survives with no broken bones

Its name is Shifu.

Hannah Martens | May 30, 2023, 11:48 AM

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An 8.5kg cat in Thailand fell six storeys and landed onto a car, breaking the rear window.

The cat survived without a scratch.

Cats land on their feet

On May. 27, 2023, the car owner, who goes by the name Apiwat Toyothaka on Facebook, shared a post saying that a cat was in his car at 7am.

He said the cat fell from the sixth floor and broke the rear window of his car.

According to The Nation, Apiwat said he was not angry when he saw how frightened the cat looked.

The cat hid under the car after it jumped out of the hole his fall created.

Security camera footage revealed the cat hung briefly from the balcony on the sixth floor before falling.

On his way down, the cat briefly hit the third-floor balcony before crashing into the back window of Apiwat's car, The Nation reported.

No broken bones, bruising or swelling

Apiwat shared updates on the cat's condition on May. 28 in a new Facebook post.

It was then revealed that the cat is named Shifu, like Master Shifu from the "Kung Fu Panda" films.

Apiwat said in his post that Shifu was eating normally, and x-ray scans revealed the cat had no broken bones, swelling or bruising. In the end, Shifu only lost two claws from the ordeal.

Apiwat also clarified in another post that Shifu belonged to someone else who lived in the same condominium as him.

The Nation spoke to the condominium manager where Apiwat and Shifu's owner live. The manager said this incident was "the very reason why residents are prohibited from raising pets".

Shifu's owner has been fined 1,000 baht (S$38.94) and promised to move Shifu to a relative's home, The Nation reported.

Shifu's owner told the manager that the cat ran out to the balcony when she opened the door, slipped, and fell.

Top photos via Apiwat Toyothaka/Facebook