Boy chips front teeth at Bird Paradise playground, requires S$1,200 root canal surgery

A mishap on the slides might cost a family trip to Bird Paradise over a thousand dollars.

Paul Rin | May 26, 2023, 01:38 PM

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One family’s visit to Mandai’s Bird Paradise gave them way more excitement than they bargained for after an accident occurred at one of its playgrounds.

According to a post made by Facebook user Wynn Chan, she and a friend, Ong, visited the playground, called Egg Splash, with their children.

There, when Ong’s son went down a slide, “before he (could) even get up from it another kid went straight on him which resulted him to fall hard on his face”, causing him to damage his front teeth and rendering him “helpless and afraid”.

When Bird Paradise’s onsite medical team arrived to offer assistance, they advised Ong and Chan to consult a dentist as soon as possible.

At the dentist, they were informed that the boy would require root canal surgery for both teeth, each one costing S$600.

Chan told Mothership that Ong’s son has received temporary fillings and has to wait until June for his root canal treatment.

In response to this incident, a Mandai Wildlife Group spokesperson said:

Our staff responded to the incident last Saturday (May 20) and assisted the child and the family. We spoke to them again the next day and continue to be in contact. We are looking at guest feedback and focusing on the points that the family has raised. We take this seriously and to enable us to be thorough with our investigation, we have closed the playground to conduct a review with the equipment specialists.

According to Chan, Mandai Wildlife Group has reached out to them once since the incident.

The onsite medical also told her that there was a possibility of making a claim through park insurance, and they are awaiting further updates.

On Mandai’s website, the Egg Splash playground is now listed as “temporarily closed”.

Chan also claimed in her post that at least three other children were injured during their time at the playground.

Mothership will update this article accordingly should new details come to light.

Top photos from Wynn Chan and Mandai Wildlife Group