Writer / Senior Writer (Features & Perspectives)

WHY join us?

Mothership is Singapore’s leading youth-focused digital news platform.

As we are approaching our 10th year since our conception, we invite passionate, talented and dynamic individuals to join us as we embark on our next phase of growth.

You will have the opportunity to learn from and work alongside our key leaders and industry practitioners, and to witness the impact of your work on the millions of people whom we serve every day.

As an organisation, our colleagues and our audiences are at the heart of all that we do. We strive to build and preserve a people-centred culture with a focus on personal development and professional growth.

WHAT is this role about?

As a Features & Perspectives Writer / Senior Writer, you will work as part of Mothership’s editorial team. You will produce in-depth feature articles in the form of interviews and explainers that will help our readers better understand the news of the day as well as the world around them.

A snippet of what you can expect to be doing:

  • Participating in daily newsgathering and reporting
  • Working with the team to pitch and develop story ideas
  • Working independently to pursue leads, conduct research, and follow up on pitches
  • Conducting interviews
  • Facilitating contributions from thought leaders and freelance writers
  • Scripting and hosting for video and social media content

Here's some of our past work for your reference:

  1. Firsthand: S'porean housewife who once felt 'worthless' now helps fellow mums make money from home cooking
  2. S’porean man, 28, pursues exotic dance career while trying to be good role model to 3-year-old daughter
  3. A Japanese eatery in S’pore suffered losses of S$2.2 million heading into 2020. How did they survive the pandemic?
  4. Mothership Investigates: Why is there a place in South Africa also called S'pore? And why is there no info on it anywhere?
  5. POV: At 28, I married a mother of 1 & became a stepdad. I learnt that love goes beyond blood ties.
  6. POV: I’m from Vietnam & met my husband through a foreign bride agency in S’pore. It was fate.
  7. S'porean couple goes from 'aiya, too soon lah' to BTO-ing just 4 months into relationship

    WHO should consider?

    Features & Perspectives is an important pillar of Mothership’s editorial repertoire. We are looking for someone with a flair for storytelling, and who has good grammar, vocabulary, and command of the English language. Experience in interviewing and writing will be useful (though not a requirement).

    If you are someone who:

    • Reads widely and thinks clearly and critically
    • Is curious about the world around you
    • Is passionate about telling other people’s stories or sharing knowledge
    • Possesses excellent interviewing, writing, and interpersonal skills
    • Keeps extremely current with digital and social media trends, and has a pulse on trending conversations among young Singaporeans
    • Can help our audiences make sense of issues and events in an increasingly complex and fragmented world

    ... we’d love for you to be part of our team!

    Crucially, you must possess the mental stamina, tenacity, and agility to work in an intensely dynamic, fast-paced, and competitive media environment.

    HOW do you go about applying?

    If you are interested in speaking with us, email your resume (in PDF form) to [email protected]. Please include "Career Application – Writer / Senior Writer (Features & Perspectives)” in the subject line. 

    Bonus points if you can provide samples of past writing works along with your resume. 

    Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.