Spain murder: Audrey Fang named Mitchell Ong as only CPF beneficiary 6 months before she died

The in-person nomination was done at a CPF service centre.

Belmont Lay | June 11, 2024, 06:01 PM



Audrey Fang, the 39-year-old Singaporean who was allegedly murdered in Spain, had nominated only one beneficiary for her Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts six months before she was allegedly murdered in Spain.

The beneficiary is 43-year-old Mitchell Ong, who is the main suspect in Fang's alleged murder.

She had deposited nearly S$200,000 into her CPF accounts for investment-linked products and the nomination was done in person on Oct. 4, 2023, at a CPF service centre, The Straits Times reported.

The information about the in-person nomination was provided by the deceased woman's 34-year-old brother, who received the information from the CPF Board.

Fang's brother, Benjamin Fang, said the family is "shocked" to hear about the nomination of Ong as the sole beneficiary and that they did not hear of him before this incident.

The deceased woman's sibling added that the family will contest the nomination.

Ong sold Fang investment-linked policies

Ong is the insurance agent who sold Fang two investment-linked policies in 2015.

He is currently being held in custody in Spain in connection with Fang's murder.

Fang and Ong attended the National University of Singapore at around the same time.

She studied architecture, and he studied economics.

AIA Singapore declined to reveal if Ong is a beneficiary of Fang’s insurance policies, citing client confidentiality, in response to ST's queries.

The insurer gave its reassurances that it will assist the authorities.

Details of nomination previously reported

The CPF nomination was previously reported in June when a court in Spain heard that Ong could inherit Fang's CPF savings, which amounted to about S$500,000.

Ong has remained silent during investigations.

Investigations into the case revealed a note on Fang’s iPad, which was found in her hotel room with her other belongings.

It declared a decision to name a “long-time friend and trusted confidant” as the recipient of her CPF savings in the event of her death.

Apart from the CPF nomination, the note also granted the beneficiary a “friendly loan" of US$50,000 (S$68,000) "based on our friendship in the past”.

Fang's brother said he learnt that Ong had sold his sister the insurance policies only when he found letters from AIA with her belongings.

Two investment-linked policies taken up in 2015 were sold by an agent named Ong Cheong Yi, which is Ong’s Chinese name.

Ong got married in 2012, has a daughter, lives in a Bukit Timah condominium and owned several businesses in Singapore, it was previously reported.

Fang was travelling solo in Spain before she was found dead with at least 30 knife wounds on her.

Ong was arrested in Spain at the Eurostars Lucentum hotel in Alicante on Apr. 16 in connection with her murder.


Top photos via Mitchell Ong & Audrey Fang social media