More than 1,000 cats, dogs & fish likely killed in Chatuchak pet market fire


Julia Yee | June 11, 2024, 05:39 PM



A fire broke out at a pet market in Bangkok, Thailand, resulting in the deaths of thousands of animals that were trapped in cages or locked in the stalls overnight.

Known as Sri Somrat market, this is the pet zone of the Chatuchak Weekend Market — a popular shopping destination for tourists.

From Ejan/YouTube

Fire broke out

The fire started at about 4:10am, Bangkok Post reported.

Spanning 1,400 sqm, the area is home to 118 pet shops housing cats, dogs, monkeys, birds, fish, rabbits, snakes, chickens, and more.

No people were injured during the incident.

The animals were reportedly heard calling out in distress.

After rushing to the scene, local firefighters took about 30 minutes to put out the fire.

A video of the scene posted on YouTube showed firefighters hosing down flames that engulfed the market structures, along with destroyed storefronts.

Fire started from one shop

Among the wreckage were the bodies of many animals that perished in the fire.

Vendors said they lost a large number of animals, including exotic species with price tags bearing five to six digits of baht each.

Speaking to Thai media, one vendor said the fire originated from a dog shop where the owners normally left electric fans on throughout the night for the animals' comfort.

The vendor believed thousands of animals died in the fire, which tore through the market area.

Bangkok Post said the district office is assessing the damage to the market and to individual vendors in order to provide assistance.

Customers have been urged to help the retailers by buying the animals from them.

Top images via Ejan/YouTube and Google Maps