SQ321 turbulence: Australian dance teacher breaks spine, paralysed from chest down

She said she couldn't get her seatbelt on in time.

Julia Yee | June 11, 2024, 02:36 PM



Among the 229 people on board Singapore Airlines flight SQ321, 85 passengers were injured and taken to hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand, where the plane made its emergency landing.

One of them was a 52-year-old dance teacher.

Kerry Jordan from Adelaide, Australia had boarded the flight with her husband after a "fantastic holiday" in the U.K.

According to News.com.au, Jordan was thrown into the air and hit the ground during the turbulence.

Paralysed from chest down

The incident caused Jordan to suffer a break in her spine at the C7-T1 segment, which joins the neck with the upper back.

She also had bleeding from her brain, fractures of the C1 and C2 vertebrae at the top of her spine, and fractured ribs.

Speaking to Australian media, she shared that she could feel "nothing from basically the chest down".

She added that she could move her arms but could not use her hands.

"The basic things, obviously of not being able to feed myself, or brush my own teeth, or try and change the channel on the TV, or using my mobile phone is out of the question," she said.

Could not get seatbelt on in time

Jordan was medically evacuated to the Royal Adelaide Hospital after undergoing intensive care at a Bangkok hospital.

Thinking back on the flash of events that happened during the bout of turbulence, Jordan recounted that she'd failed to get her seatbelt on in time after returning from the bathroom.

"Literally everything just started shaking so much, I could not get to my seatbelt to put it back. All I remember was being up in the air and everything was absolutely silent and then I was on the floor."

Her husband, who'd suffered a shoulder injury and blurred vision, said his wife had "no reaction" when she hit the floor.

"When she hit the ground, she never moved and that was so unnatural, and I was just horrified," he said.

He'd wondered if she was dead or alive.

Previously disgruntled with the airline's lack of response after the incident, the husband later told ABC News that the airlines had "stepped up" after his complaint and provided customer care support.

The couple are currently looking into their legal options for their injuries.

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