Human poo found in pool at East Coast condo, management looking for culprit

Well, sh*t.

Julia Yee | June 11, 2024, 02:14 PM



The swimming pool at Butterworth 8, a condominium in Katong, was closed by the estate's management for three days.

The reason: a piece of human poo found at the bottom of the pool.

Jun. 8 saw management putting up a notice titled "Swimming pool closure due to water treatment", informing residents of the crappy situation.

Pool closed temporarily

The notice, which was posted on the Instagram page @sgfollowsall, detailed that human faeces had been found in the main pools.

Attached was a picture of said faeces, which was loitering sinisterly at the bottom of the pool.

Image via @sgfollowsall/Instagram

The notice added that the pool's vendor had cleaned and vacuumed up the waste, and had treated the water, which required the pool's three-day closure.

Search for culprit

The poo's backstory remains a mystery as of now.

"If there is a resident who witnessed the incident and can help identify the culprit, please come forward," the management implored.

Mothership has reached out to the condo management for comment.

Top images via @sgfollowsall/Instagram and Google Maps