Mitchell Ong allegedly rented car, caught on CCTV footage near place where Audrey Fang's body found

Spanish authorities are building a case on the Singaporean man.

Belmont Lay | April 24, 2024, 09:12 PM



A rental car, which Singaporean Mitchell Ong, 43, allegedly drove, was caught on surveillance camera at the area in Spain where fellow Singaporean Audrey Fang's body was found, Spanish newspaper La Verdad reported on Apr. 24.

Ong is suspected of killing Fang, 39.

Grey Nissan Qashqai

La Verdad reported that the vehicle seen in the footage was a grey Nissan Qashqai.

It was spotted at 11:28pm on Apr. 9, entering the parking area of the Los Collares restaurant via RM-422 highway.

Stopped for 18 minutes

The car stopped by an almond grove and remained in that same spot for 18 minutes until 11:46pm.

It then left in the same direction it came from.

Fang's body was found in the grove on Apr. 10.

Traced to rental company

Police traced the Qashqai to a rental company.

Ong was identified as the person who rented the vehicle on Apr. 3.

At the time of the Singaporean man's arrest, the car was still with him.

The authorities have also obtained footage confirming the route taken by Ong from his hotel in Alicante to Abanilla on Apr. 9.

Car in his possession during arrest

Ong was arrested at the Eurostars Lucentum hotel, La Verdad reported.

The Qashqai was parked at a nearby public car park, and the keys to the car were found on Ong.

Bought vacuum cleaner

It was reported that Ong had bought a vacuum cleaner and a magistrate overseeing the case noted that it was "very suspicious" for the rental car to be cleaned.

These latest details of the case add to the mounting evidence the Spanish police have collated against Ong.


Fang was found with more than 30 stab wounds to her body.

On Apr. 9, Fang left her belongings in her hotel and was never heard from again.

She was travelling alone in Spain at that time.

A preliminary autopsy report found that Fang's cause of death were knife wounds and head trauma, reported La Verdad.

Top photo via Mitchell Ong Instagram, Fang family