Keanu Reeves lookalike spotted in Thailand, wearing elephant pants & grilling cuttlefish

Everything's got a price.

Daniel Seow | May 26, 2024, 03:34 PM



What happens when an assassin too good for his job decides to leave it all behind?

Well, retire to Thailand to grill cuttlefish in elephant pants, of course.

Or at least that was the reference made by some commenters, after a Keanu Reeves lookalike in Thailand became an overnight sensation on Thai social media.

Went viral in Thailand

The man, who bears some resemblance to the Hollywood star's character John Wick in the film series of the same name, went viral after appearing in a series of recent TikTok videos posted by user "tuktiklife".

Nine clips shared to the account showed the doppelgänger at different places in Thailand, doing activities uncharacteristic of Reeves' hitman persona.

For instance, making coffee, washing dishes and visiting Bangkok's Wat Arun temple while dressed in traditional Thai attire.

The most watched video on the channel, titled "Barista", shows the man preparing drinks in a Thai market.

It has amassed 5.6 million views as of May 26.

@tuktiklife #thailand #nakhonnayok #handsome ♬ Beautiful Things - Benson Boone

Another video of the man riding a motorcycle in elephant pants, only to set up a portable stall selling grilled cuttlefish, garnered 5.1 million views.

It was captioned "Everything's got a price", likely a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of Wick's most iconic movie quotes.

@tuktiklife Everything got a price🐙 ปลาหมึกมั้ยคร้าบบบ #thailand #johnwick #fyp #ขึ้นฟีดเถอะ ♬ โคตรซิ่ง - แจ๊ส สปุ๊กนิค ปาปิยอง กุ๊กกุ๊ก

The man was also shown posing for photos with fans outside a department store in a mall in Thailand.

'John Wick Chapter 5: No Enemies'

Many online users were struck by the similarity in looks between the man and Reeves, with some wishing "John Wick" a happy retirement.

One joked that this could be the newest film in the series, titled "John Wick Chapter 5: No Enemies".

Screenshot from tuktiklife / TikTok.

"Keanu Reverse," another suggested as a name for the doppelgänger.

Screenshot from tuktiklife / TikTok.

Some thought it was for new John Wick film: Thai media

Thai news outlets also reported the buzz created in the country by the lookalike recently.

Some online users were convinced the man was Reeves’ stunt double, while others thought the star himself was in Thailand to film a new instalment of the John Wick series, Thaiger reported.

This was debunked by other users who pointed out that Reeves was in the United States working on a new music project and had cut his hair short, Thai PBS World reported.

Top image from tuktiklife / TikTok