SFA shuts down 'Dumpling Festival' event at orchardgateway for no permit, investigating reports of food poisoning

SFA said the event organisers did not apply for a temporary fair permit.

Amber Tay | June 09, 2024, 06:57 PM



The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has shut down the "Dumpling Festival" held at orchardgateway basement after discovering the organisers did not apply for a temporary fair permit beforehand.

SFA is also investigating reports of food poisoning.

The event was scheduled for Jun. 3 to 9.

Screenshot courtesy of Mothership reader

Ate dumplings around 3pm, felt unwell around 6:45pm

A Mothership reader, who wished to remain anonymous, said they bought rice dumplings from the event on the afternoon of Jun. 3 to give to a group of international guests they were hosting.

They bought them from different vendors at the event.

The reader and the other guests ate the dumplings at around 3pm to 4pm, and began to feel unwell around 6:45pm.

They said they did not consume any other food apart from the rice dumplings and bottled mineral water.

Symptoms they experienced include diarrhoea, frequent stomach cramps, and vomiting.

The reader said they panicked and hurried to buy medication at the nearest pharmacy.

Singapore Food Agency did not receive applications for a temporary fair permit

In response to Mothership, SFA said they did not receive any application for a temporary fair permit for the Dumpling Festival at orchardgateway and took enforcement action.

They confirmed that the event organiser has ceased operations.

Photo courtesy of Mothership reader

SFA said it is currently conducting investigations into the feedback of food poisoning cases following the consumption of food products purchased from the temporary fair.

The agency reminded that operators of temporary fairs must obtain a permit from SFA for the duration of the fair.

"This allows SFA to ensure that fair operators have complied with measures to ensure food safety," SFA said, adding applications should be submitted at least two weeks before the fair commencement date.

Food and beverage stalls at temporary fairs are also required to be licensed by SFA and have food handlers who have passed the mandatory Food Safety Course Level 1.

When contacted, a spokesperson for orchardgateway said the licensee did not inform them about any cases of food poisoning arising from the dumpling festival they organised.

Top image via Mothership reader / Reporting done by Seri Mazliana