About Mothership

Mothership is a Singapore-born Internet media company and one of the leading digital platforms in Singapore.

We attract over 11 million visits to our site each month (updated March 2019), with over 60 per cent of our audience being between the ages of 25 and 44.

More than 75 per cent of our readers are on mobile, and we connect with them by creating high-quality multimedia news and entertainment content that encourages social sharing.

We also help brands speak with digital audiences through our content marketing services.

Our greatest hits connect with our readers locally and globally. They include the “P5” logic question/Cheryl’s birthday, viral listicles (brands that pass away , songs that define the S’porean KTV experience); our General Election 2015 coverage; and our coverage and exclusive interview with Singapore’s first Olympic Gold medallist Joseph Schooling.

Mothership is one of the 11 websites in Singapore that has an individual license with the Info-communications Media Development Authority.

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But first, we’d like to tell you about the three groups of people who make Mothership.sg the most-read blog in Singapore.

Our audience

Without our audience, we’re nothing. They’re the people we inform and entertain daily. We live and die by them.

Each day, 360,000 pairs of eyeballs are transfixed on Mothership.sg. That’s over 11 million page views a month from more than 2.6 million users. And it’s growing.

Here’s what our rising reader base looks like:

Check out our past works, both editorial and sponsored:

Our advertising partners

The next group of people we are proud to work with are our advertising partners. Special mention here goes to to GoodStuph and Tribal who gave us a chance in the early days of Mothership.sg.

After 5 years in the business, we’ve had the honour and pleasure to work with several awesome returning partners:

And then there’s us

The last group of people we’d like you to learn about is, well, us:

Unfortunately, the Olympian doesn’t work for us :(

We started out with 3 guys mashing buttons on laptops and a mission – to get younger Singaporeans to be interested in Singapore.

While we couldn’t grab hold of every young Singaporean we saw, shake them hard and shout “YOU HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THE FATE AND DESTINY OF SINGAPORE!!!!1111!!!”, we could write commentaries and report on politics in Singapore in a way that spoke to them.

One editor’s father asked in the early days of Mothership.sg, “Eh, you like that write about the government will go jail not?” That sort of scepticism mixed with fear was typical of our infancy.

We approached several advertisers and they too held the same mix of scepticism and fear. “Too political” and “Not safe” were terms we heard often.

Until some advertisers put their trust in us. Thank you, Jeff and Pat.

We would like to think we did not betray that trust as we continue to serve our audience with quirky, bite-sized, and useful bits of information. Well, our numbers don’t lie.

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