Things I plan to do to make my new year better than the last year

The new year is a great time to improve your well-being, from head to toe and inside out.

| Sponsored | December 18, 2022, 09:57 AM

Just like that, it's the end of the year. 

Many like to take the end of the year (and if we’re realistic, the hurried first week of the next year) to think about what can be done to improve one’s life. 

I took this time to consider changes that will leave me feeling my best and looking healthy in the year ahead.  

Sleeping well

Being a night owl is fun. Lots of quiet time, very relaxing. Until you have to go interact with people, and you’re a sleepy mess. 

Dark rings around your eyes, a distracted, potentially irritable demeanour - bad sleep is the surest way to look your worst. 

But fixing a sleep schedule might not always be easy. 

Trying to get by day to day while forcing yourself to both sleep and wake up earlier can cause you to tear your hair out. 

But one thing I didn’t think of before occurred to me one night while lying in the dark. 

And that was how bright my room was even when the lights were turned off. 

With all the gadgets that fill up daily life - chargers, work-from-home monitors, TVs and speakers, there's all manner of LED distractions.

Simulation of writer’s bedroom at night. Image by Tan Min-Wei.

It’s enough to keep one up while all you’re trying to do is sleep well. 

Blackout curtains are great at keeping the light of the outside world out, but a good night’s sleep is about inside conditions as much as outside ones. 

One of the things that has helped me most was something I picked up on a whim: a sleeping mask. 

It has worked well for me so far, allowing me to shut out the distractions of the world, sleep well, and keep a good headspace for the day. 

Feeling the wind in my hair

Feeling my best is more than just sleeping well.

Years ago, I made a promise to focus on work or studies first, and take care of my health and fitness “the following year”. 

And even when I did try to make a change, it was always a grand “I’ll go to the gym” type of promise that ended up petering out. 

So this New Year, I have a simpler goal: to get outside, go on more walks, and attain a higher step count. 

Not the Author, subject in much better shape. Image by Tan Min-Wei

Also after two years of being cooped up at home, it is nice to get out there, see the crowds and feel the wind in your hair. 

Solar protection

But if you do end up getting out more, consider sunscreen. 

Nothing’s worse than that itchy, scratchy feeling you get when sunburned, especially if you’re going out into the sun without enough cover. 

The common frenemy. Image by Tan Min-Wei

When I was younger, I never worried about this.  

But now, the damaging impact of spending too much time out in the sun without protection is well known. 

Thankfully, there are all sorts of products available to help mitigate these concerns, aside from just sunscreen.

In recent months, I have turned to the magic of anti-UV clothing, designed to protect my body from the sun while being light enough for a tropical environment. 

Basically a tropical hoody. 

Getting ahead of things

The experts at TK TrichoKare have assured me that doing these three activities will improve the condition of my hair. 

For example, my dandruff condition can be improved by sleeping well.

But if necessary, one will eventually have to take the step from simple ad hoc solutions to getting actual help. 

If one decides to move from walks in the park to being able to commit to a more serious exercise regime, getting some advice from a professional physical trainer, or medical professional is a recommended way to go about it. 

Similarly, if one is worried about caring for your hair and scalp, sleeping well, exercising, de-stressing, and generally taking care of your health can help, you should also consider more professional help. 

Luckily, there is a group of experienced and well equipped experts at TrichoKare to help with any hair and scalp issues you might face, especially if you want to start the new year looking your best. 

With nearly 20 years of experience, TrichoKare is one of Singapore’s pioneers in the field of hair and scalp care. 

They are highly accessible as well, with five locations in central and western Singapore. 

What’s more, their team of Trichologists (hair and scalp specialists) are more than capable of taking care of whatever hair issues you may be facing

TrichoKare is constantly updating their services to take into account the most up-to-date knowledge and treatment methods for hair and scalp

But more than just modern methodologies and excellent service, they also take into account individual customer needs through their in-depth professional hair and scalp assessments, which some of my colleagues have had experience with. 

After these consultations, TrichoKare would follow up with carefully formulated treatments and products, made with premium-grade European herbs. 

When it comes to hair and scalp care, I firmly believe that the best way is to go with the experts. Having a healthy head of hair actually says a lot about us, and this is something we can’t leave to chance. 

TrichoKare is currently offering an Advanced Scalp Detox and Care Treatment for just S$40 nett (U.P. S$770).

This comes with these exclusive items for our hair and scalp. A free HairGro Ampoule (a supercharged serum for the hair and scalp), 50 ml of a refreshing and calming Hair Bath and 100 ml Protein Hydramist (vitamins for the hair and scalp).

Top images: left via Pexels, right via Mothership

This sponsored article brought to you by TK TrichoKare was written, ironically, after a haircut.