I tried the new NETS Prepaid Card & it made managing my household expenses a lot easier

A better way to keep track of my spending.

| Low Jia Ying | Sponsored | December 07, 2022, 07:50 PM

When I found out that NETS had come up with a new prepaid card, my immediate thought was: “Whattt, another card? My wallet is damn full already.”

After all, my wallet was already bursting at the seams with my IC, driver’s licence, credit cards, ATM card, building access cards, and Koi loyalty card. 

To see if NETS’ new prepaid card deserved a spot in my already crowded wallet, I decided to give the card a try for a week.

Here’s how my experience went.

Setting up my NETS App account

The NETS Prepaid Card I purchased from a TransitLink Ticket Office at an MRT station was ready to use right away.

Since the card only had S$5 in stored value and I wanted to make full use of all the features the card provided, I downloaded the NETS App and signed up for an account.

This would allow me to top-up my card easily as well.

The small pamphlet that came with the card said the card could be used for public transport, and at more than 120,000 retail points that accept NETS.

No more queuing at ticketing machines to top up card

My first mission was to use the card on public transport.

One of my pet peeves when commuting, especially when I’m in a rush, is having to queue up at ticketing machines to top up my card.

All I had to do with the NETS Prepaid Card was to go on the NETS App and top up money via a NETS bank card, credit/debit card.

I could also save my card details on the NETS App, which meant I didn’t have to keep keying in my card numbers every time I needed a top-up.

The best part? Top-up fees are waived for NETS bank cards and credit/ debit cards issued by DBS, POSB or UOB.

The NETS Prepaid Card also works like any other public transport card – I just had to tap it at the gantry readers.

The NETS App has an optional auto top-up function where my card will immediately be topped up if it falls below a predetermined amount.

This means I no longer have to worry about whether my card has enough value on my commutes.

Very nifty.

Making it easier for my helper to manage household expenses

Previously, my family would set aside cash in a small pouch for my helper to take with her when she had to buy some last-minute groceries or run some errands for us.

However, this was not a great system for a couple of reasons:

  • It was hard to keep track of how much was left in the pouch
  • If she needed more money, she would need someone to be home to give her the cash
  • We did not always have cash on hand

Now that most of my family members have returned to their workplaces and are hardly at home, it is more difficult for my helper to find us to get cash for her errands.

This is where the NETS Prepaid Card came in super handy.

I was able to link another card to the same NETS account, and designate that as my helper’s household expense card.

In fact, one NETS account can accommodate up to 10 NETS Prepaid Cards.

To test it out, I sent her on an errand to pick up some pet supplies and groceries at a nearby heartland mall.

I told her she could use the card to travel by bus there too.

Before she left, I topped up S$30 in her card and sent her on her way.

Though my worry was that the stores would not accept the new NETS card, I found out later that she managed to pay without a hitch.

She only had to tell them she was paying via NETS, before being presented with the NETS terminal where she would tap her card.

For illustrative purposes.

In the NETS App, I could also see a history of her expenses, as well as how much value was left in the card.

Train and bus fares are reflected as a lump-sum total after a few days.

With the app, my family members do not need to be home to ensure that she has enough money to go about her errands.

A useful everyday card for the household

What struck me most about the NETS Prepaid Card was how easy it was to use, as I could control everything about the card using one app.

At a glance, I could see how much money was left in each card, and could easily make the necessary top ups from my phone.

In my case, the card also helps to ease a frequent pain point in my household – my helper’s household expenses.

As one of the most widely accepted retail and transit cards in Singapore, a NETS Prepaid Card will make a good gift for kids, friends and family.

You can get one at any TransitLink Ticket Office or various 7-Eleven and Buzz locations. 

Each card retails for S$10 and comes with S$5 in stored value.

To celebrate the holiday season, NETS is currently selling a limited Christmas edition NETS Prepaid Card at S$8 per card, available at NETS Customer Service Centre.

Comes in three designs

Needless to say, I’ll be keeping this card in my wallet, and possibly handing more out to my household members.

Writing this sponsored article by NETS has helped make this writer’s life much easier.

All photos by Low Jia Ying