My boss let me WFH for an entire week to try out this ergonomic chair. Here’s how it went.

Time to give my back the love it deserves.

| Li Xin Ong | Sponsored | December 08, 2022, 05:25 PM

Those who have known me since I was 17 will probably have heard me complain incessantly about my back pains. 

Despite not knowing the exact cause for these pains, I can’t deny that sitting at my desk for long hours has aggravated my condition. 

Over the past three years, I’ve seen my friends share their “improved” work-from-home (WFH) set-ups on social media and heard many tales of how it has made them more productive. 

Despite the FOMO (fear of missing out) this has brought about, I remained unconvinced and told myself that I would never succumb to peer pressure. 

After all, why should I spend money on a new chair when I’ve been using the same chair for almost 10 years and it still functions? 

The ergonomic set-up honestly felt like another marketing gimmick to me…

A conversation I had with my friend on my painful desk set-up when I first started WFH.

That is, until my boss tasked me to WFH for one week so that I could fully experience a potentially “life-changing” ergonomic desk setup.

As a curious sceptic, I decided to give it a try. 

Here’s how my current chair looks like.

Chair Assembly Day: 

Upon unboxing, I realised that the chair came with a step-by-step pictorial and written assembly guide - great for noobs like me. 

Those who prefer visual and verbal instructions can also scan a code to watch a two-minute video tutorial (trust me, it was easy-peasy).

As someone who struggles with most Do-It-Yourself assembly projects, I was pleasantly surprised that the chair only took me 20 minutes to fix. 

Tip: If you have back pains like me, try using the box as an elevation tool to assemble the chair without slouching. 

Day 1 (Monday): 

The ErgoTune chair is available in three colours:

  • Coral Red
  • Charcoal Black
  • Aqua Blue 

I went with Coral Red so that the chair would stand out in my monochrome-styled room. 

Despite not having much interest in chairs nor the Nickelodeon TV series ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, the Coral Red colour made me feel like I was sitting on Patrick Star. 

Patrick Star. Image via Nickelodeon

By mid-day, it was apparent how the chair’s breathable mesh material made it easier for me to survive my mum’s “no-aircon during WFH” rule at home. 

For once, I didn’t feel like I had to shower at 3pm because the mesh kept my back cool and sweat-free throughout the day. 

Day 2 (Tuesday):

Day 2 was a pivotal day for me because this was the day that I experienced a life-changing feature of the chair: its lumbar (aka lower back) support. 

Previously, my usual routine with my old chair involved me placing a random plush toy at the lower back area for support (it was painful!). 

My plush toy used as a lower back support VS the ErgoTune’s auto-adjusting lumbar support.

With ErgoTune’s auto-adjusting lumbar support, however, all the curves of my lower back were hugged, soothing my back pains almost instantly. 

The chair even came with a knob to increase the lumbar support’s tension, depending on my needs (I chose the highest tension because my lower back has been working overtime and deserves all the support it can get). 

Day 3 (Wednesday):

On the 3rd day, I tried adjusting different parts of the chair to find what would suit my back the most. 

I found that the adjustable armrest and headrest allowed me to maintain a straight posture while comfortably leaning on the chair. 

After spending the entire day adjusting different chair features, I found that the headrest also serves as a neck rest which minimises the strain on my neck and improves my head posture. 

This was a stark contrast from my previous chair, which had no armrest and headrest, and made me look like a slouched banana from 9 to 5. 

Same same but different (Image via ABC Studios)

Initially, I didn’t understand why my chair needed an armrest that could be pivoted up to 270 degrees, but I later realised that this was so that I can adjust the angle depending on the desk activity I’m doing. 

While typing, I angled the armrest inwards so that I could rest on it comfortably.

When jotting down notes, I would then straighten the armrest as I needed a wider space. 

Adjustable headrest and hand rest to suit your needs throughout the day

Fun fact: Your chair’s armrest is crucial in helping you reduce the stress on your shoulder and neck muscles, thus, making you feel less fatigue throughout the day. 

Day 4 (Thursday): 

Towards the end of my WFH week, I decided to let my family members try out the chair to hear their thoughts. 

My mother, who was initially apprehensive about the “ergonomic setup” that people had been raving about, ended up being impressed by the chair’s versatility.

After all, her key need when purchasing an office chair is the flexibility to adjust the seat’s height (she’s 150cm tall).

Besides adjusting the height of the chair, my mother was also able to adjust the depth of the seat, ensuring that both her feet are comfortably on the floor, with the seat not being too low for the table. 

By the end of the day, the chair gained my mother’s approval, with her even trying to “steal” it from me the next day.

Day 5 (Friday):

Looking back, I can’t believe that I didn’t jump on the whole ErgoTune bandwagon earlier.

Who knew that understanding my setup and making adjustments to my chair can instantly make me more aware of my messed-up posture and straighten up? 

I have to admit that I am a convert and will be jumping on the bandwagon. 

After all, it’s undeniable the effects the chair has had on me:

Better Posture: The chair improved my “banana-like” sitting posture, minimising my back pains as I no longer slouch 24/7. 

Improved posture with the chair’s 11 adjustment points.

Increased Productivity: My previous chair really affected my focus with how uncomfortable it was, with me constantly feeling the need to change positions throughout the day: from my study desk to my dining table and to my sofa.

With this ergonomic chair, I was able to stay focused for a longer period of time and adjust the chair depending on my desk activity. 

Money Saved: Last but not least, this chair made me less reliant on pain-relief patches, which translated into money saved.

Last Minute Christmas Lobang 

We all know that WFH is the new “normal” and having a comfortable set-up can really improve your overall productivity. 

With the New Year coming, this is the perfect opportunity to improve your posture by adopting an ergonomic setup, while standing up to stretch after sending every five emails. 

If you’re fretting over what to get your loved ones this holiday season, why not get them the ErgoTune Supreme V3?

ErgoTune is currently offering an exclusive Christmas deal, with the chair retailing at its lowest price ever: S$479 (S$90 off + S$30 off via Grab). 

Image via ErgoTune

Alternatively, you can also purchase a gift card so that your loved ones can select their ideal chair and get it delivered to their doorstep. 

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This sponsored article by ErgoTune motivated this writer to throw away the non-ergonomic chair she has been using since secondary school. 

Top images via Ong Li Xin