I disrupted my diet plan to try out this new Korean restaurant at Bukit Timah & had the softest wagyu I’ve ever tasted


| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | October 20, 2022, 11:55 AM

When my colleagues were discussing who to assign this article to and finally decided to “arrow” me, the first thought that came to my mind was “Jialat, my diet plan will be disrupted because of this.”

Then again, I’m not one to pass up on free food so I agreed to (temporarily) halt my weight loss regime for the sake of an honest food review for the masses.

To ascertain the “authenticity” of the food at the restaurant I would be visiting, I even invited my Korean colleague, Saeyeon, along for the taste test, along with two other colleagues.

Here’s how our experience went.

Nami Korean Grill House

Nami Korean Grill House by Hanjip is a Korean barbeque joint started by the team behind Hanjip Korean Grill House located at Clarke Quay.

Intended as a way to introduce authentic Korean Barbeque to other districts in Singapore, the restaurant serves up an extensive range of:

  • Meat cuts (Kurobuta Berkshire Pork, Australia Wagyu, USDA Prime Beef, etc)
  • Traditional Korean dishes (Ginseng Chicken, Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew, Seafood Pancake, Naengmyeon, etc)
  • Seafood items (Korean Abalone (Jeonbok), Marinated Crabs (Ganjang Gejang), Marinated Prawns (Saewoojang), etc)

Inspired by South Korea’s popular yet tranquil Nami Island, it is located in the quiet and relaxing neighbourhood of Greenwood in Bukit Timah, providing a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The exterior of the restaurant

When we first arrived at the restaurant, a group of friendly staff promptly ushered us to our seats.

The interior of the restaurant

We were told that we would be trying the following dishes during our evening food tasting session:

  • Korean Side Dishes (Banchan)

    • Fresh Kimchi
    • Lotus Root
    • Pickled Radish

  • Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang)
  • Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew with Seafood (Haemul Sundubu Jjigae)
  • Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon)
  • Steamed Egg (Gyeranjjim)
  • Marinated Crab (Ganjang Gejang)
  • Marinated Prawns (Saewoojang)
  • Nami Platter (650g)

    • USDA Prime Ribeye (200g)
    • USDA Prime Boneless Short Ribs (150g)
    • Kurobuta Pork Belly (150g)
    • Marinated Pork Collar (150g)

  • Nami Signatures (650g)

    • Korean Abalone (200g)
    • Japanese Wagyu Chuck Ribs (150g)
    • Kurobuta Pork Jowl (150g)
    • Marinated Pork Collar (150g)

First up was the banchan.

Both my colleague Berlinda and I felt that the lotus root and pickled radish banchan were very addictive, and found ourselves reaching for second, third and fourth helpings.


On the other hand, we were told the kimchi was freshly made daily.

Next, we tried the Ginseng Chicken Soup and Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew with Seafood.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

All of us unanimously agreed that the Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew with Seafood was more flavourful than the Ginseng Chicken Soup, although we were impressed by the taste of the Korean Ginseng used in the latter.

Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew with Seafood

Saeyeon shared that the Spicy Handmade Tofu Stew with Seafood, which came with fresh, in-house made tofu and seafood like prawn, mussels and clams, was very close to what one would find in an authentic Korean eatery.

The next dish, which was the seafood pancake, seemed like it was made with a recipe that we had never tried before.

This particular variation, where egg was added, boasted an appetising colour and crispy texture, perfect for those who want to try something different.

Seafood Pancake

For the record, the seafood pancake is pan-fried with spring onions and a mix of seafood items such as shrimp, squid and more.

Following this was the steamed egg, which was very fluffy and had a texture very much like the original Korean ones.

Steamed Egg

What we were really looking forward to trying though, were the marinated raw prawns and crab.

Marinated raw prawns and marinated raw crab

This was both mine and Berlinda’s first time trying out marinated raw prawns and crab, and we have to admit, we didn’t quite know what to expect.

To our surprise, both dishes were extremely fresh with no fishy smell and very firm and chewy flesh.

Look at that firm and juicy crab meat oozing out!

The prawn and crab meat soaked up the sauce very nicely and paired extremely well with rice.

Saeyeon also gave these dishes her stamp of approval and said they were very close to how they’re normally made in Korea.

Last but not least was the highlight of our trip to the restaurant - Nami’s highly raved meat platters.

Nami Platter (650g), Nami Signatures (650g)

According to the restaurant manager at Nami, their meats are carefully selected to maintain the authentic tradition of serving only the finest to guests’.

This was apparent with the Australian wagyu we tried, with its softness approaching stick-of-butter levels.

The A5 wagyu, The A5 Japanese Chuck Ribs

The wagyu was succulent and juicy, with marbling that spread throughout the meat to give it a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

I can safely say it was the softest and most delicious wagyu I have ever tasted.

Another highlight from Nami’s signature platter was the Korean Abalone, which was extremely rich and flavourful, especially when dipped in the spicy sauce.

Korean Abalone

We paired the meats with a variety of Korean drinks that the restaurant had on hand, including:

  • Chorong Chorong Soju (comes in five fruity flavours: Green Apple, Green Grape, Lychee, Peach, Grapefruit)
  • Korean Rice Wine (Makgeolli)

Chorong Chorong Soju

The Chorong Chorong Soju, in particular, was a great accompaniment as it washed down the grease from the meat and cleansed our palate.

Have I mentioned?

One of the great things about Nami Korean Grill House is that they provide a fully hands-free grilling experience so all customers can enjoy their meal in ease.

Pork Belly and Pork Jowl

We were very impressed with the staff who served us at our table as he was very dedicated and attentive, and explained patiently to us what the different cuts of meat were and how we should eat them.

The way the meats were cut and cooked by him, especially, really brought out their individual flavours.


All in all, my colleagues and I had a wonderful time at Nami and really appreciated the great food and service.

If there’s anything I have to rave about the place, it would be their marinated raw dishes and meat platters.

While on the slightly pricier end, Nami would make a great spot for celebratory occasions, or just to hang out over a sumptuous meal with your loved ones and friends.

Definitely worth disrupting my diet plan for.

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How to go

Address: 18 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289212

Opening Hours

  • Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm daily
  • Dinner: 5pm to 10:30pm daily

This sponsored article by Nami Korean Grill House allowed this writer to enjoy a delicious dinner for free.

Top images via Melanie Lim