Here are some of the most uniquely S'porean items in S'pore households

Just some Singaporean things to get into the National Day mood.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | August 02, 2022, 05:46 PM

National Day is just a few days away and the festive spirit is in the air.

Apart from the yearly National Day Parade, there are several ways in which Singaporeans like to commemorate this special occasion and showcase their patriotism.

For example: by putting up festive decor, hanging the Singapore flag, catching up on local TV shows, or even just reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”.

This National Day, we decided to ask our followers on Instagram what some uniquely Singaporean items in Singaporean households were.

Here are the top three responses we received.

1) Cane

Out of the several hundred responses we received, the most common answer was a cane, or more specifically a rattan or bamboo cane.

Those who have grown up in ubiquitous Singaporean households may be familiar with these objects of “doom”, which were often brandished by angry parents waiting to inflict discipline.

Many a time, taking out the cane was just for show, even though just the sight of it alone was enough to strike fear in even the naughtiest of us.

2) Plastic Bags

Next on the list were plastic bags.

Many of us may have collected and used plastic bags from everywhere and anywhere just to throw our rubbish away.

Thankfully, an increasing number of Singaporeans have over the years taken steps to develop more sustainable habits such as bringing their own bags when shopping or championing recycling initiatives.

3) Traditional Medicated Ointments

Finally, the third most uniquely Singaporean household item as voted by our Instagram audience were several types of traditional medicated ointments ranging from tiger balm and axe brand oil to yu yee oil.

Some of us may recall our parents or grandparents offering these medicated balms to us whenever we felt woozy or under the weather, and it’s no surprise how much of a staple they are in many Singaporean households.

Introducing Mayer’s National Day collection

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Free Disney x Mistral Mimica Cool Breeze Rechargeable USB Fan (MRF500-MM)

That’s not all.

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Mayer 12L Air Toaster Oven (MMATO12)

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On the other hand, the Mayer 12L Air Toaster Oven is a multi-functional gem which lets you air fry, toast, bake and roast.

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Mistral 16” Stand Fan with Remote Control (MSF048R)

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This sponsored article by Mayer allowed this writer to feel more patriotic about Singapore.

Top image via Jiachen Lin on Unsplash