How to find bread that best suits you? Pay close attention to nutrition labels on the packaging.

You are what you eat.

| Zhangxin Zheng | Sponsored | July 24, 2022, 10:54 AM

We all have some standard items on our grocery list.

These standard items come from particular brands that we have tried, tested and approved.

We wouldn’t think much when we make these purchases. Neither do we pay much attention to the details on their packaging.

Understandably, humans are creatures of habit but by sticking to the same old choices blindly, that’s how we may be missing out on better and healthier choices.

Take bread for example. 

Read the details on the bread packaging

Nowadays, the packaging of each loaf of bread shares so much more about the nutritional value and ingredients used.

Paying closer attention to food labels, packaging details and don't forget to turn around the packaging to read the nutritional information box. This can help ensure we meet our nutritional needs and find the right bread that suits our dietary requirements.

Let’s start with the bigger logos on the bread packaging that you should look out for.

Healthier Choice symbol

Healthier packaged food can be identified by this Healthier Choice symbol endorsed by the Health Promotion Board. 

These six loaves of wholemeal bread by Sunshine Bakeries are healthier because they consist of a high amount of wholegrains that are trans-fat free and high in dietary fibre.

sunshine bakeries

Noticed the tagline “Higher in Wholegrains” right below the Healthier Choice logo on wholemeal bread by Sunshine Bakeries? 

This tagline indicates that these products have at least 20 per cent more whole-grains than similar products from the same category.

Wholemeal bread is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

For those who are trying to maintain or reduce your blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol, it’s a no-brainer to choose wholemeal bread over white bread.

Singapore Heart Foundation logo

In addition to that, the soluble fibre present inside whole grains also helps reduce “bad” cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

This is why the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) recommends a daily intake of two to three servings of whole-grain foods.

Sunshine wholemeal bread is the only brand of packaged wholemeal bread that has a label from SHF.

SHF’s chief executive, Vernon Kang urged consumers to look out for labels that indicate products with the Singapore Heart Foundation logo:

“To help consumers better identify products that are beneficial to heart health, consumers can look out for products with the Singapore Heart Foundation logo or Higher in Wholegrains Healthier Choice Symbol. We hope that our joint effort with Sunshine Bakeries will further encourage Singaporeans to choose whole-grains for their hearts.”

Other logos for customised needs

On top of the above-mentioned logos, different loaves of Sunshine wholemeal bread are indicated with more specific details that target the needs of various consumers.

Need low sugar options?

Sunshine Bakeries

You can choose the Australian Oat Soft Grain loaf or the 100% Whole Grains Ultra Fine loaf which are indicated as low sugar wholemeal bread options.

Have persons with diabetes at home? Go for the Smart-Carb Low GI 37 Low Sugar loaf.

If you are looking for something filling to sustain your workout, you could consider Smart-Carb Low GI 37 Low Sugar as well.

What does “GI 37” mean? The Glycemic Index Value of this loaf of bread is 37. The GI value measures how food affects your blood sugar level.

Low GI value ranges between 1 and 55. 

Carbohydrates with a low GI value take a longer time to digest and hence, you won’t feel hungry as quickly and they do not cause a spike in blood sugar. 

Sunshine’s Smart-Carb Low GI 37 Low Sugar loaf is the only loaf you can find on the supermarket shelves that has a specific GI value indicated on its packaging. 

This could be one of the lowest GI values you find in local bread products right now.

Sunshine Bakeries

Besides finding low sugar options, how do you look out for bread that’s high in dietary fibre?

High in dietary fibre indicators

If you are just looking for keywords like “high in dietary fibre” (duh) or “100 per cent wholemeal bread”, then that’s definitely not enough. 

Turn around the packaging to look at the nutritional information and observe the ingredients used. 

Sunshine wholemeal bread loaves use some lesser-known whole grains that help with digestion and are a great source of minerals. The choice of whole grains also affects the amount of dietary fibre the bread contains

For example, the Australian Oat Soft Grain uses rolled oats which contain a soluble fibre called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a soluble fibre that helps lower bad cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Two slices of the Australian Oat Soft Grain bread contain 4.8g of dietary fibre.

Thanks to the rolled oats that helps with digestion. 

Sunshine Bakeries

The Canadian Sprout Extra Fine bread contains sprouted grains which are whole-grain seeds that have just begun to grow, an article by the Singapore Heart Foundation describes. 

During germination, enzymes in the grains are activated and these enzymes help improve digestion and produce minerals such as iron, manganese and calcium.

Two slices of Canadian sprout bread contain 4.3g of dietary fibre.

You can recognise it by its bright yellow packaging and the benefits of sprouted grains are clearly indicated.

Sunshine Bakeries

Wheatberries are a type of lesser-known whole grain that’s rich in fibre, protein, iron, vitamin E and magnesium; the Premium Extra Grain loaf contains this type of grain.

Every two slices of bread contains 7.0g of dietary fibre.

The amount of dietary fibre that the Premium Extra Grain bread contains is the highest out of all Sunshine wholemeal breads.

Sunshine Bakeries The packaging of every Sunshine wholemeal bread loaf contains a useful bite-sized summary of the ingredients used.

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If you are walking down the bread aisle in the supermarket, Sunshine Bakeries’ wholemeal bread will definitely catch your eye with this banner. 

Sunshine Bakeries

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Don’t stop at that, look at the packaging details and find the bread that most suits you.

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The writer of this sponsored article by Sunshine Bakeries has tried all six loaves of Sunshine wholemeal bread.

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