I went to refuel at Shell & ended up with a fuller stomach, a fully charged phone & a cleaner car

Can’t help it.

| Sponsored | July 14, 2022, 07:55 PM

I am a simple man who loves convenience.

I especially like the fact that I can do multiple things at the same place.

You know, things like refuelling my ride while filling my stomach, washing the car and emptying my internal tank.

My go-to petrol station? Shell. 

Not convinced? I shall present six reasons why Shell, in my opinion, is my preferred pitstop.

1. Shell is everywhere

With 57 stations scattered around the island, you will most definitely find a Shell near you.

Which means that you are more likely to find Shell stations than stations from other brands.

Which also means that it’s more convenient for me to soothe my frayed nerves whenever the fuel tank indicator comes on.

2. Drive thrus are absolutely great…

for parents like me.

Nobody has the time to look for a lot and queue up at a crowded McDonald’s with two energy bunnies in tow.

Shell is the only petrol company in Singapore that has not one but three (!) McDonald’s drive-thrus, thus pulling many parents from the brink.

Here’s where to find even more of these in-store F&B brands like Boost Juice Bars, McDonald’s, No.17 Tea, Old Chang Kee, Sarpino’s, Tuk Tuk Cha, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea.

Phew, that’s quite the list.

This drive-thru is also great if I’m in a hurry or just plain lazy.

3. Toilets that are fit for human use

Look, I’m very sure that you, dear reader, have experienced some nasty petrol station toilets in your lifetime.

Usually they are wet, dingy and pungent. 

And sometimes you can’t even find them because they’re at the back of the building, facing some random bushes.

But not Shell toilets.

Shell is so confident of their toilets that they’re connected to the Shell Select shop.

And their toilets are definitely not anything like the aforementioned descriptors.

4. Everything you need and more

Speaking of Shell Select, it has absolutely everything.

Slippers if you feel like going to the beach or if you wanna feel your pedal a bit more.

Some games perhaps?

Did you forget that it’s steamboat night with your family?

5. Food that tickles my palate

Other than the usual snacks and the items on sale in point 4, there’s also Deli by Shell.

Which stocks pastries and many ready-to-eat items.

I was feeling peckish when I visited Shell for my weekly refuel trip. 

So I decided to make my trip more worthwhile with this bundle.

Since it was close to dinner time, I also decided to buy some ready-to-eat meals for my missus and I.

Time to dig in. But first, here’s a photo of this quaint little corner put up nicely for Shell customers.

Oh yes, they also have charging points. How thoughtful.

Alright, food review time.

Chicken Katsu sandwich

One bite, five words review: Heavenly. Gone just like that.

Butter Chicken Rice

One bite, five words review: Sauce wow, meat a lot.

Hong Kong Beef Pepper Rice

One bite, five words review: So good, I forgot picture.

Click here for the full range of Deli by Shell products.

6. There’s really something for every motorist 

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you my favourite thing about Shell – it’s the fact that there’s something for every type of motorist.

For instance, as a simple man, I like convenience. 

That’s why I’m always thankful that I can do many things other than just refuelling my tank or my stomach.

The fact that I can go for a car wash…

And wait at a dedicated rest area while the workers are hard at work drying my car is just great.

I even managed to buy this Air Conditioning Refresher from Shell’s extensive selection of Car Care Products. 

Now my car smells like I’m driving through undulating hills full of lemon trees. 

Turns out I can get the full suite of Shell Car Care products online here.

Having dedicated parking lots for me is the cherry on top. 

Free parking and you can take your own time – what’s not to like?

Look, there’s even a charging station for EV drivers.

By the way, did you know that Shell is the first in South East Asia to introduce EV charging in their petrol stations? 

Shell Recharge offers on-the-go EV charging with easy access for all customers. 

Their rapid 50kW direct current (DC) chargers are compatible with most EVs and will provide a zero per cent to 80 per cent charge in approximately 30 minutes.

Here's the list of 22 Shell Recharge locations island wide.

If you need performance, there’s always Shell V-Power for your souped up ride. 

Fun fact: did you know that the first successful blend of Shell V-Power was done at the Pulau Bukom refinery in Singapore?

Look, don’t just take my word for it. Read what other motorists have to say.

Said one Toh Ching Kwei: “I’ve always felt that Shell fuels give my car more power and better mileage. Other than that, Shell is very convenient with many outlets island wide, and since we’re always on the road, it’s better to fuel up at a station that we can easily find. It’s also easier for me to accumulate loyalty points and utilise them by staying loyal to only one brand.”

Another motorist, Mohamed Yussof Mohamed Raziff, added: “I like that Shell is just located near my neighbourhood and the station I always visit is the Shell at Jurong West. At the station, I’m always greeted by the friendly cashiers and staff with their bright smiles. Personally, I prefer to stick to one fuel brand because there’ll be fewer cards in my wallet and all my points earned from my fuel spend will just go towards that one card.”

Promo time!

Shell is celebrating 100 years of serving motorists in Singapore, and you know what that means.

That’s right, promo time.

As part of the celebrations, get a free tissue box with a minimum spend of S$70 on any Shell fuels from June 1 to August 31, 2022. 

From July 6 to 31, get a free Shell Car Care sponge with a minimum spend of S$20 on any Shell Car Care products. 

Also, enjoy special S$1 anniversary offers on selected drinks and snacks.

Find out more here.

This is a sponsored article by Shell.