Looking for a new snack to try? Here’s one that you can have anywhere & anytime.

You ain’t a Nutella fan until you’ve tried Nutella B-Ready.

| Zhangxin Zheng | Sponsored | July 07, 2022, 02:50 PM

It was 4:30pm on a Thursday afternoon, and I had just ended a series of meetings.

I was feeling tired and my social energy was absolutely drained.

Then I saw a bar of Nutella B-Ready on my desk.

“Mmm, mmm.”

At first bite, the burst of Nutella filling perked me up, as I simultaneously savoured the crunchy wafer on the outside.

1 bite 5 words: Nice office snack, not jelak

After just three bites, I finished my bar of Nutella B-Ready and felt instantly satisfied.

The taste from the first bite was surprisingly good for someone who had only tried it for the first time.

I took a second bite to confirm its yummy-ness. The puffed wheat bread crispies made it crunchy on the outside and the Nutella inside was smooth.

In my last bite, I revelled in the rich Nutella as it filled my mouth.

The good news? I have five more bars in my drawer.

I bought a pack (S$3.60) from FairPrice as I am confident one is not enough. You can get either a pack of six or an individual bar at the convenient stores or supermarkets (prices may differ).

Contrary to what die-hard coffee fans would think, I dare say a good snack is more effective than another cup of coffee.

This is also a good alternative as a post-lunch snack for anyone trying to limit their caffeine intake.

And while there might be hits and misses when you try out new snacks in the office, Nutella B-Ready will certainly not disappoint you.

Anytime and everywhere

As you can see, the Nutella B-ready is lightweight, and therefore not a very jelak snack.

The liquid chocolate is also well-wrapped by the wafer so you won’t have to worry about it becoming mushy if you are outdoors.

This means that you can really have it anywhere and anytime.

I can’t wait to eat it after my morning commute.

You can also easily find them at convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

A crowd-pleaser

As the saying goes, sharing is caring.

Being a nice colleague, I decided to share my precious stash of Nutella B-Ready with the rest of my office.

The truth is, I was low-key trying to nudge my HR team to consider adding Nutella B-Ready to our pantry.

And I hope my HR colleague caught the hint (or this article if they’re reading it) because the bars of Nutella B-Ready were all taken by the end of the day.

Mind you, there weren't even that many people in the office that day.

The speed at which the bars disappeared from the pantry is a sign to my HR and you to give it a try.

Nutella B-Ready is now available at major supermarkets, retail and convenience stores.

Nutella B-Ready makes the writer of this sponsored article more ready to go back to office.

All images via Mothership