Here’s how Lalamove makes your deliveries faster & hassle-free by leveraging technological solutions

Less worry all around, for both merchants and consumers.

| Kayla Wong | Sponsored | July 27, 2022, 06:13 PM

Have you ever waited in anticipation for your delivery to reach your home, only to find out that it’ll take a while more for the product to reach due to some hold-up along the way?

If you’re a merchant who relies on delivery services to get your goods to your customers, it’s only natural to place your trust in the delivery partner as you want to ensure that your deliveries are completed quickly and on time, without any mishaps.

Of course, it’s a bonus if these deliveries can be done at an affordable cost.

Lalamove is a company that aims to solve all your last-mile problems.

Alex Lin, the managing director of Lalamove Singapore, said that with the technology that they have utilised, “gone are the days when end consumers have to wait for three to five days before receiving their items”.

By “aggregating their deliveries”, merchants also no longer have to worry about spending more on storage services, the 36-year-old said.

Leveraging on technology to improve their services

Lalamove seeks to help businesses reduce their delivery expenses, which would allow them to maximise productivity, and focus on their services and products. In order to do so, Lin explained that the company leverages technological solutions to eliminate the time-consuming process of managing deliveries.

And what technology has Lalamove utilised to achieve this?

For one, they use their API (application programming interface) integrations and e-commerce plug-ins to assist businesses in automating their delivery workflows and simplifying their merchant ordering process.

This helps new businesses to launch their e-commerce stores seamlessly and effectively. Businesses can also place their orders automatically without having to manually input the orders on the Lalamove app.

Lin added that existing e-commerce businesses benefit from their services as well, particularly if these businesses face problems with their last-mile delivery.

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Making last-mile deliveries easier

This is where Lalamove steps in to help manage their logistics processes, and lower operational costs by reducing fixed overheads such as vehicle purchases.

Making last-mile deliveries much smoother, the company offers both 24/7 on demand same-day delivery and advanced order delivery services to businesses.

For instance, a Japanese-owned travel agency found a reliable partner in Lalamove when they found themselves having to diversify when the travel industry took a hit after the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic.

By helping businesses scale and keep up with changes in consumer behaviour, they can help businesses build brand loyalty with their customers as well.

Furthermore, Lalamove has a wide range of delivery vehicles, including motorcycles and lorries, to cater to the needs of any business. These vehicles allow Lalamove to assist businesses with multiple or large numbers of orders, as well as provide the manpower to facilitate the deliveries.

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For users that require it, the company provides cold-chain deliveries as well, which keeps their clients’ products chilled with zero to minimal breaks in the entire delivery process.

And to help resolve certain logistical challenges that businesses might encounter, Lalamove provides a route-optimisation function on their app, as well as batching of delivery orders for multiple locations.

To be aware of their client’s needs and continue improving their service, Lin also revealed that he and his colleagues constantly update themselves with changes in the e-commerce industry.

Positive encounters with clients make his job fulfilling

As for what gives Lin the motivation to go to work every day – after all, he has been in the same company for over six years – Lin said it’s the positive encounters with clients that make his job fulfilling.

Recounting a memorable experience with a customer, he said after the company helped a client reduce their delivery expenses, they were grateful for the amount saved on deliveries as it goes a long way to sustaining their business.

For instance, they can channel more funds into marketing their product and focusing on their core business.

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Lin added that they made it through the pandemic without having to make any changes to their manpower size or employees’ payroll.

Helping their clients achieve a positive impact on their business through such solutions is one of the joys that Lin experiences at his job.

“Client sharing like this validates our positive disruption to the business landscape,” he said.

Working hard to deliver on their promises

However, Lin said that although the company always strives to deliver on their promises, there will always be challenges that they face in the course of their work.

To adequately manage clients’ feedback, they have an accounts management team to handle internal case offers, as well as a 24/7 chat function to be as responsive as possible.

Also, instead of “labelling customers as right, wrong or difficult”, Lalamove believes that “any escalation is the result of a mismatch in expectations”.

“We always empathise with our clients as best as we can through our internal case officers and account management team, and we make reasonable arrangements to ensure that both theirs and our businesses are not impacted,” he said.

“Of course, no one can please everyone, but we always strive to deliver on our promises.”

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Lin also shared that another challenge the company faces is “market education”.

He explained, “It is not easy to enter the market with a disruptive business concept. As difficult as it is, we spend a significant amount of time educating the market by emphasising the various USPs we have to reduce the pain points that all logistics users face.”

Still, Lin is optimistic that Lalamove is here to stay, and that it will bring about local and even regional trends.

Discount for first-time business customers

Lalamove is now giving businesses some incentives to utilise their services.

Businesses signing up for individual accounts can use coupon code LALAWIN to enjoy up to $15 off their first three orders in Lalamove vouchers.

Alternatively, businesses can choose to sign up for a business account and top up their e-wallet to receive up to 5% bonus credits.

The offers are valid till Aug. 7, 2022. More information can be found here.

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