Burger King S’pore to launch new Rendang Whopper burger this National Day period


| Matthias Ang | Sponsored | July 25, 2022, 06:59 PM

Good news for those of you who love burgers and rendang: Burger King is bringing back their signature rendang-flavoured burger this National Day period.

Rendang Whopper

The Rendang Whopper burger (S$7.45 ala carte) will feature a flame-grilled beef patty nestled between a 5-inch sesame bun, coated in rendang sauce and topped with lettuce and onions.

We had the opportunity to try the burger and those of you who love Burger King’s signature sauce for its other rendang-flavoured burgers, such as the rendang double beef burger and the rendang tendergrill chicken burger, will not be disappointed here.

Photo by Mothership

A set meal also comes with medium onion rings and a small SJORA drink for S$9.35; perfect for sharing the meal with yourself – and some friends, if you are feeling peckish.

These onion rings can be added to the burger to mix them in with the rendang sauce if you fancy.

You can also purchase sides with the rendang burger sauce.

There is the Rendang Drumlets Shake (S$4.90 ala carte) in which you can literally shake Mexican Drumlets to coat them in the sauce.

Image via Burger King

You can also use the sauce to shake it up with fries and nuggets instead (S$4.90 ala carte).

Image via Burger King

Photo by Mothership

Photo by Mothership

Photo by Mothership

If you want a burger with more meat

If you are looking for a burger with much more meat, you can go for the Double Rendang Beef Burger (S$6.75 ala carte), which, as the name suggests, has two juicy flame-grilled patties topped with the rendang sauce and onions.

Image via Burger King

There is also the Rendang Tendergrill Chicken burger (S$6.75, à la carte), which has a juicy Tendergrill chicken thigh patty instead.

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These burgers also come in a Value Meal (S$8.25) comprising a medium pack of French fries and a small SJORA drink.

An Upsize Meal (S$8.85) will get you a large pack of French fries and a medium SJORA drink.


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This sponsored article made the author really hungry for burger and rendang.