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| Nigel Chua | Sponsored | May 27, 2022, 12:20 PM

I like to add an extra egg whenever I order mee siam, a time-honoured tradition that I was first introduced to by my father, who counts mee siam as one of his favourite dishes.

Yes, it costs an extra S$0.50 to S$0.80, but to me, it’s well worth paying for.

There’s just something about how tangy mee siam gravy is elevated when it is mixed with the crumbly yolk of a hard-boiled egg.

S$1 cashback on hawker meals with DBS PayLah! app

Imagine my delight when I found out that a mee siam stall near me is part of a DBS PayLah! promotion where I can get S$1 cashback just by paying for two hawker meals with the PayLah! App.

I just had to log in to the PayLah! app, go to the “Rewards” tab, and pick up an electronic “Stamp Card”.

You can pick up the stamp card before or after buying your meals, as the app will automatically award you the stamps.

Screenshot via Paylah! app.

Promotion till May 31

The S$1 hawker stall cashback promo lasts till May 31, and it covers selected stalls in the North, North-East, and East regions. The previous edition of the promotion covered the Central and West regions, from Jan. 28 to Mar. 31 earlier this year.

There’s a cap of two stamp cards per PayLah! user, and 100,000 redemptions in total.

I perused the list of participating stalls and was happy to see many stalls in Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, which I visit regularly.

After paying for my mee siam at one of the participating stalls, I was duly awarded one stamp with a cute logo of a traditional hawker stall:

Screenshot via Paylah! app.

Paying with the app was seamless as always, of course, just requiring me to scan the QR code at the stall before keying in the amount to pay.

Yes, I was only charged S$0.50 for the extra egg. Photo by Nigel Chua.

And, upon making my second purchase at a selected stall, I received the second stamp, and received the S$1 directly into my PayLah! wallet.

Screenshots via Paylah! app.

Screenshots via Paylah! app.

Other stamp cards to earn more cashback

One of the cards I’ve picked up has a rather attractive S$10 cashback with five stamps

I’ll get a stamp for any transaction of at least S$15 at any U Stars Supermarket outlet.

Photo via U Stars’ website.

Just like the hawker meals stamp card, you can collect the stamp card before you shop, or after, as the app is able to track your previous transactions and award you the stamps.

I have till Jul. 31 to collect my five stamps. Looks like it’s time to stock up on some essentials.

Photo by Nigel Chua.

There’s also a similar promotion for HAO Mart, also offering S$10 cashback with five stamps, and a S$15 minimum transaction to collect each stamp, so look out for the stamp card in the PayLah! app.

There’s also a S$15 cashback stamp card for shops at By The Bay, which includes F&B and retail shops in Marina Bay Link Mall, Marina Bay Financial Centre and One Raffles Quay, also valid till Jul. 31.

Screenshots via Paylah! app.

Screenshots via Paylah! app.

Works great for anyone working in the area, especially as more return to work amid the relaxation of Covid-19 measures.

PayLah! rewards

Besides Stamp Cards, treat yourself to a multitude of other PayLah! Rewards on the app. These rewards span across categories like dining, shopping, entertainment, and even transport.

Dining: foodpanda free delivery till Aug. 31, 2022

You can get free delivery with foodpanda when you spend at least S$30 and use PayLah! as your payment method.

The promotion is limited to the first 2,000 redemptions each month, and there’s a unique promo code for each month too: “PL22”, followed by the first three alphabets of the month (e.g. in June, enter “PL22JUN”).

Eligible DBS PayLah! users can make up to two redemptions per month.

Dining: KFC free delivery till Jun. 5, 2022

There’s also a free delivery offer for KFC, for purchases of at least S$35.

Just click the KFC icon on the PayLah! app’s homepage, and you’ll be redirected to the KFC website to order.

There’s no need to enter a promo code for this deal, and all you have to do is select PayLah! as your payment method when checking out.

Note that there is a limit of 4,200 redemptions.

Entertainment: S$2.50 off Golden Village movie tickets till Jun. 30, 2022

Another PayLah!-exclusive deal gives you S$2.50 off Golden Village movie tickets till Jun. 30, 2022.

This applies for movie screenings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and S$1 off on all other days when you book through the PayLah! App.

Shopping (online): S$5 off Shopee purchases till Dec. 29, 2022

The first 180 customers to check out get S$5 off Shopee purchases every Thursday from 12pm.

If you’re an eligible PayLah! user, you can make one redemption per week.

In order to be among the lucky group of 180 each Thursday, you might want to have your shopping cart ready before 12pm, set an alarm for 11:59am, and if possible, avoid scheduling late morning or lunch appointments.

You also want to make sure you’ve set up PayLah! as a payment option on Shopee, by granting your permission for the Express Checkout option, via the PayLah! app.

Click here to find out more about the promotion, its terms and conditions, and how to set up PayLah! as a payment option.

Shopping (offline): 10,000 STAR$ (worth S$10) with PayLah!

CapitaLand has a rewards programme where shoppers get STAR$ for their spending at any of the 18 CapitaLand malls in Singapore.

PayLah! users who sign up as a CapitaStar user will get 5,000 STAR$, using the promo code “CSDBS”.

And users who link their CapitaStar and PayLah! accounts can get 5,000 STAR$ as well, after their first transaction of at least S$20.

This works out to 10,000 STAR$, which can be exchanged for a S$10 eCapitaVoucher.

Linked accounts means easier points collection

One of the perks of linking your CapitaStar and PayLah! accounts is that STAR$ collection will be seamlessly integrated.

Once your accounts are linked, you’ll have STAR$ credited automatically when you pay with any of these methods in CapitaLand malls:

  • PayLah!
  • NETS with PIN
  • DBS/POSB Debit and Credit cards (excluding DBS UnionPay card)

Very much “set and forget”. And very convenient.

How to link accounts

To link your accounts, simply retrieve your CapitaStar membership ID from the CapitaStar app, and key it in via the “CapitaStar” icon on the PayLah! app.

Screenshots from the CapitaStar app and PayLah! app.

Note that the 5,000 STAR$ reward for linking your accounts is limited to 40,000 redemptions, and is valid till Dec. 31.

You can read more about the CapitaStar promotion with PayLah! here.

Transport: EZ-Link top up

On top of scoring the rewards above, you can also use PayLah! for greater convenience in your daily travel.

You can select PayLah! as your preferred top-up method for your EZ-Link cards on the EZ-Link app and turn on the auto-debit function for seamless payments.

Read more here.


And, if you’re not on PayLah! yet, you can get S$5 loaded into your account instantly when you register for PayLah! with the promo code “FIVELAH”.

Download the app here.

Top image by Nigel Chua.

This sponsored article by DBS Singapore let the author enjoy more food for less money.