Win a 3D2N poop-themed family staycation with Friso at Shangri-la Singapore worth S$1,888

Good poop, must share.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | April 06, 2022, 06:32 PM

In the past two years since the pandemic began, it’s almost as if everyone we know has gone on at least one staycation.

To appeal to travel-starved Singaporeans, these short breaks have come in all shapes and sizes, and we must admit that some of them have been quite unique (think staycations for ice cream lovers, Hello Kitty fans, staycations in cargo containers, and more).

After more than two years of pandemic ‘travel’, we thought we’d seen it all.

That is, until Friso launched the Friso Family Poopcation, Singapore’s first gut-wellness themed staycation for a family of four.

Friso Family Poopcation

At Friso’s Family Poopcation, families will enjoy complimentary fresh juices and detox tea, in addition to a host of family-first amenities that make Shangri-la Singapore a favourite among Singaporean families with young children.

A Friso Good Poop Officer Bedtime Activity Kit will ensure that good gut health habits take centre stage on this luxurious getaway, and little ones can look forward to having their bed adorned with the latest Friso X Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding (worth S$168).

The good poop-themed bedding collection renews the brand’s creative collaboration with homegrown kidswear label, Maison Q, and sees the return of the lovable trio of Good Poop champions – Super Pooper, Gutsy Gal and Poopoo Power – with a unique reversible design hiding a not-so-secret message to aid nightly conversations around good sleep and good poop.

The complimentary limited edition bedding set can be redeemed with a minimum purchase of S$250 of Friso Gold products.

Why does good poop matter so much?

The poop-themed bedding collection and family staycation are part of Good Poop Matters, Baby! a national campaign in Singapore by Friso to raise awareness on the importance of good gut health in young children through a variety of educational and lifestyle initiatives.

With the help of thoughtfully designed cheeky poopers, the bedding serves as a good reminder for parents to spark poop conversations just before bedtime.

But why does good poop matter so much?

We’re no experts, so we asked Petrina Wong, Consultant Paediatrician, SOG-Petrina Wong Clinic for Children Respiratory and Sleep, for her views.

The secret to good poop

According to Wong, it is important for parents to understand their child’s poop and how it relates to their digestive health, so they can take the right steps to be proactive about their child’s diet to ensure good gut health.

Our body or gut can recognise ‘good’ foods that are wholesome, natural and rich in nutrients and we certainly want to avoid ‘bad’ foods containing high levels of unwanted preservatives and additives that complicate digestion.

High-fibre foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole-grain breads or cereals with lots of water or fluids will help keep bowel movements regular.

To encourage regular bowel movement, get your child to sit on the potty or toilet bowl for no more than 10 minutes once or twice a day (tip: a good time is after mealtimes).

Don’t forget to praise your child for making the effort of sitting on the potty or toilet bowl, even if there is no bowel movement.

You should also set a regular bedtime routine around the same time each night to encourage good sleeping patterns.

According to research article Gut microbiome diversity is associated with sleep physiology in humans, good sleep positively correlates with a more diverse gut microbiome, which in turn plays an important role in the digestive, metabolic and immune function in the body.

Here’s how you can win a Friso Family Poopcation

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this article, you must really, really, want to win the Friso Family Poopcation.

You’ll be pleased to know that Friso is giving five lucky winners a Friso Family Poopcation at Shangri-la Singapore.

Every purchase of a Friso Gold participating product is entitled a chance in the lucky draw**.

To learn more about the promotion, click here.

*The Friso x Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding worth S$168 will be available from April 1 to 30, 2022, while stocks last, with a minimum S$250 spend on valid FRISO Gold products in store or online from leading supermarkets and key retailers such as motherswork. Up to three receipts can be combined for purchases during the promotion period, April 1 to 30, 2022.

**Every eligible tin equates to one draw chance. Excludes all infant formula and follow-on formula products for zero to 12 months.

Terms and conditions may apply.

This sponsored article by Friso made this writer want to go on a Friso Family Poopcation.

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