I had 7 different types of effervescent vitamins in 1 week. Here’s how it went.

Drop, fizz, enjoy.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | February 23, 2022, 05:58 PM

Like many other working Singaporeans, I usually start my work day with coffee or some type of caffeinated drink.

Besides needing such beverages to keep me awake and perk me up, I also find them incredibly effective in helping me stay alert and focused when carrying out my daily tasks.

That’s why when Voost approached us to pitch its range of effervescent vitamins, I was super excited.

Not only did I want to see if these vitamins can help support energy production, I also wanted to find out if it could support my overall health and wellbeing.

After all, my hectic work schedule means that I don’t always get to eat nutrient-rich foods or the recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

First Impressions

My first impression upon receiving these seven tubes of vitamin effervescents?

Colourful and flavourful.

As you can see from the photo above, each tube of Voost vitamins comes in a different flavour (mostly), and with different benefits:

  1. Voost Energy (Orange and Mango flavour)
  2. Voost Mega B Complex (Apricot and Peach flavour)
  3. Voost Multivitamin (Orange flavour)
  4. Voost Collagen (Strawberry flavour)
  5. Voost Magnesium (Citrus flavour)
  6. Voost Vitamin C (Blood orange)
  7. Voost Performance (Orange flavour)

I gave myself seven days to review Voost’s range of vitamins.

Each day, I had a different product and documented my thoughts and observations on taste and effect.

Making the drink was pretty easy. All I had to do was dissolve the tablet in 200ml of water.

Here’s how things went.

Day 1: Voost Energy (Orange and mango flavour)

When I took my first sip, the taste of the Voost Energy tablet hit me like a wave with its zesty orange and mango notes.

Its tastiness continued in my second and third sip, although I think the drink would have tasted nicer if it had been served chilled.

As I’m not a big fan of mixing flavours, I would have preferred if this tablet had just one flavour instead of two.

Nevertheless, the effect of this drink on my energy levels was great. I found that I did not need to have a cuppa coffee throughout the day.

This was probably due to the fact that each tablet contains 80 mg of caffeine, which is approximately the same amount of caffeine in a regular cup of instant coffee*.

Besides aiding in energy production, Voost Energy also supports mental focus and general health and well-being, according to the brand. Nice.

Day 2: Voost Mega B Complex (Apricot and peach flavour)

To counter the Monday blues, I decided to have the Voost Mega B Complex at midday.

According to the brand, it “helps to support energy production”.

At first sip, I was greeted with a strong tangy taste, quite like those fizzy orange drinks that are commonly served at Chinese wedding banquets or at Chinese New Year dinners.

Not sure if it’s a placebo effect, but I somehow didn’t need my usual cup of coffee to stay awake after drinking this.

According to Voost, this is probably because Mega B Complex helps to support energy production and cognitive function, along with the following benefits:

  • Relieving fatigue by supporting energy production
  • Assisting with healthy red blood cell production

Day 3: Voost Multivitamin (Orange flavour)

I am in two minds about the Voost Multivitamin.

For one, I like it most among the lot because it tasted the most like what I’m used to when it comes to effervescent vitamin tablets.

However, it was precisely because this drink tasted so “normal” that it didn’t elicit too many feelings (flavour-wise) or that much of a reaction in me.

Thankfully, I found out that this Voost tablet has the following health benefits, so it more than made up for its less-than-inspiring taste:

  • Supporting general health and wellbeing
  • Supporting energy production
  • Supporting blood health
  • Reducing free radicals formed in the body

Day 4: Voost Collagen (Strawberry flavour)

According to Voost, the Voost Collagen helps with:

  • Supporting skin health
  • Supporting collagen health
  • Supporting connective tissue health
  • Reducing free radicals formed in the body

While I think it’s pretty idealistic to expect instant results on my skin after having just one tablet, I did enjoy the strawberry taste of this drink.

The drink also had major Y2K vibes with its pretty neon pink shade, matching my teacup to a tee.

Guess I’ll have to finish a whole tube before deciding if the tablets indeed work wonders on my skin.

Day 5: Voost Magnesium (Citrus flavour)

I have no idea what magnesium carbonate hydrate (as stated on the tube packaging) does to the body but apparently it helps support muscle health, bone health and nervous system health.

And while correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, my legs somehow did feel stronger as I was walking down a flight of stairs after I took the Voost Magnesium.

Taste-wise, however, the drink was so-so and felt like a lemonade version of an effervescent drink.

Day 6: Voost Vitamin C (Blood orange flavour)

The Voost Vitamin C is my second favourite flavour of the lot, though I have to admit that I was slightly wary of it in the beginning because I didn’t know what a “blood orange” was or how it’s supposed to taste like.

Thankfully, this tasted like a regular isotonic drink I would chug down after a workout.

Day 7: Voost Performance (Orange flavour)

Like several of the other tablets I tried, I didn’t need to have a cup of coffee after drinking the Voost Performance in the morning.

Unlike the other tablets, however, I did notice that this tablet took a little longer to dissolve and left many bubbles floating at the top.

I also learnt that this tablet mainly helps to support muscle health, although I think this would be more useful to athletes or people who do intense workouts on a regular basis.

Otherwise, not too impressionable flavour-wise.

No sugar* nor preservatives

At this point, you might be wondering if these Voost tablets are laden with sugar or preservatives since most of them taste pretty good.

No, they do not contain any preservatives, and variants like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Energy and Performance even have no added sugar at all.

On top of this, these vitamin tablets also do not contain any dairy, lactose or yeast, so those with allergies to these food products need not worry!

Extremely compact and easy to carry around, these vitamins are great as a breakfast beverage or post-workout drink too.

You can find them at any of these major supermarkets from S$18.90 per tube:

*Not applicable to Voost Mega B Complex, Collagen and Multivitamin.

Do remember to ask your healthcare professional on the supplements appropriate for you and always read the label before use.

Do not consume or mix any of these products together on the same day as well.

This article is sponsored by Voost (Writer got to try out these amazing effervescent tablets for free).

Top images by Melanie Lim

*: The FDA estimates that a typical 8 oz cup of coffee provides 80-100 mg of caffeine.

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