Create a TikTok with new AR effect & stand to win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phone

It should feature a drawing that illustrates your connection with your friend.

| Karen Lui | Sponsored | January 13, 2022, 04:56 PM

Connect and create to win the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phone by making a TikTok with a new effect with your friends and family.

Introducing the #PowerUpwithSingtel5G challenge: From Jan. 3 to Jan. 24, 2022, TikTok users can create a drawing together with a friend or family member that best illustrates their connection using the new Paint Portal Brush effect.

The drawing could represent cherished moments such as pizza nights, movie marathons, hiking, or other shared interests and hobbies that strengthen the connection between the both of you.

Besides a smoother overall experience on Singtel’s 5G network, Singtel customers can gain access to an exclusive brush colour when using the effect.

How do I join the challenge?

Grab a friend or family member who has a separate TikTok account from yours on a different device and make sure the both of you follow each other.

Using one device, scan the following QR code in the TikTok app by going to Profile>Settings and Privacy>QR Code.

Image via Singtel.

Note that you need to scan the QR code with the QR scanner in the TikTok app to access the hashtag challenge page.

Tap the “+” button to send an invite to your partner’s account.

Once your partner accepts the invite, you can start creating.

Take turns to make your mark on the screen.

Video via @leahdesign on TikTok, courtesy of Singtel.

Different colours are used to identify the markings that were made by you and those made by your partner.

Video via @sangheeta_ on TikTok, courtesy of Singtel.

Feel free to jazz up your video with voice overs, music, stickers, etc.

Once you’re satisfied with the video you’ve recorded, upload it onto your TikTok page with the hashtag #PowerUpwithSingtel5G and #Galaxy5GxSingtel.

Make sure your TikTok page is available for public viewing and you’re all set.

Paint Portal Brush Effect

The Paint Portal Brush Effect is Singapore's first 5G-connected AR effect developed by Singtel in partnership with TikTok.

While non-5G users are able to use the effect as well, Singtel 5G users enjoy a smoother experience while connecting through their shared creations on Singtel’s 5G network.

Besides a smoother online experience, Singtel users will also gain access to an exclusive brush colour when using the effect.

Find out more information about the #PowerUpwithSingtel5G challenge via their website.


This TikTok initiative is organised by Singtel to bring 5G to their consumers in a more fun and engaging manner.

As Singapore’s fastest 5G mobile network in 2021*, Singtel aims to bring users “ultra-fast, ultra-responsive, ultra-smooth, ultra-secure and ultra-consistent” 5G connections.

*Based on the Singapore’s Speedtest Awards in which Singtel had won for the fastest 5G mobile network for both Q1-Q2 and Q3-Q4 in 2021.

This sponsored article by Singtel motivated the writer to try her hand at making a TikTok video instead of just being a lurker.

Top images via @sangheeta_ and @leahdesign on TikTok, and Singtel.